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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Next Weeks Agenda

 It's the City's Agenda as posted. For reasons unknown to me this blog host does not allow PDF's so I had to copy and paste the text. I put the red lines in. See you Tuesday. Anyone recommend an attorney ? It's time for a vote of no confidence and get this city back on track......
City of Clear Lake Shores
'ie.'F'' City Council Meetiig Agenda Item Request and Information Sheet
The deadline for submitting an agenda item request and supporting documentation for Council Agenda Packets is noon on the
Wednesday prior to the next City Council meeting. Requests received after that time will be scheduled for the following meeting.
Please print or type all information.
Requestor:_Tami Perkins Phone:281 334-5985
Date Submitted: 6ltslll Time Submitted: 9:40am
Meetins Date: 6t2Utl
Please bc sure to attrch any supporting documents for Council Agendr packets.
A. Agenda ltem Title: Discussion and possible action to dismiss the Chief of Police (Paul L. Shelley) for
lack of confidence and/or for cause.
Description: _self e
Chief of Police position.
Recommended Action:
xplanatory - to immediately follow the executive session on the agenda discussing the
to be determined
Fiscal lmpact: Large
Budget Amendment Required
Future/Ongoing Impact
Olrtce Use Only:
Received and accepted by the City Secretrry's Olfice
Returned by the Cify Secretary (lf incomplete)
Reviewed by City Administrator
All items are to be reviewed rnd approved by the City Administrator, except items submitted by the msyor or any council member or routine
consent agende items such as minutes.
Sent to City Attorney for review
(City Attorney should review all ordinancer, resolutions, contracts and executive session items.)

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