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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's my Friday!

Busy blog so pay attention…Seems I’m not alone in my assessment of the current City Council. This from neighbor Suzanne, with her permission of course.

June 8, 2011
Dear Council Member of CLS:
I am having a very difficult time processing what I witness last night at the Council Mtg. Having lived in Clear Lake Shores for over twenty years, I have never been so appalled by our City Council. Please allow me to voice my concerns.
Do you realize the harm you did to the community by not approving Marcus McCarroll as a new full - time patrol policeman?  A considerable amount of time was spent selecting a candidate for your approval. Not only were his credentials and experience impressive, I really liked that he was older. The younger, new recruits are more likely to get bored in our community and be lured to Kemah where they get to drive the Camaro and the four-wheelers while having better benefits.  Of the names that were read of former officers , a minimum of three left for that exact reason. A fourth, a female officer left after having an accident and her husband wanted her to stay home. Due to your decision an opening remains and an excellent candidate was lost. As a citizen of CLS, I marveled how well things were handled during Ike and I do not appreciate we are going into hurricane season short of a full-time officer.
It was obvious to me you are listening to a former temporary officer , William Young, who is bitter due to being asked to resign. Have you taken the time to look into his previous work experience?  How would a comparison of the two men's resumes look?
I was disappointed, if not disgusted by Tami Perkins' behavior and presentation last night. Her inability to listen or state objectively the actual facts had me very confused. It was more than obvious that Paul Shelley and Vern Johnson wanted to discuss matters, yet, Tami Perkins wanted to build a wall.
Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Hubbard
cc: Vern Johnson
      Paul Shelley

This is a GREAT Idea from Bryan. Coonie, I think I have to drop my Mulberry so it may be a candidate. I have to get MJ’s OK first….
Fellow neighbors,
 Many of you have probably seen, or at least heard, of the wonderful carved oaks that were done in Galveston using trees that died as a result of Hurricane Ike.  Recently, Diana and I enlisted one of the Island’s resident artists Erik to carve a dead tree in front of our home on Pine Street, and we are extremely happy with the results.  We are now getting prepared to do two more trees in front of our side yard that faces Ivy.  We would love nothing more that to have our trees be the start of our very own Clear Lake Shores Oaks Tour, similar to what Galveston has now popularized.
There is currently a tree cutting crew going around the neighborhood giving prices on cutting dead or dying trees, reminding residents that hurricane season is upon us.  That is true, and they are giving good advice.  Their presence in the neighborhood, though, is what prompted this e-mail.  If you do decide to cut down any trees in the near future please consider having them leave 6‘ or so in place if you think your tree is a candidate for carving assuming, of course, that you are interested in this program.  Erik’s services are not free, but I think you will find him affordable and willing to work with you. 
If you need any additional information, or if you would like an opinion from Erik or myself on whether or not your tree is a good candidate for carving, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  If you want actual pricing I will get you in touch with Erik, but after that  it is between you and him as I have no financial interest in this whatsoever.  I am only interested in preserving some of our Island’s character, and our trees are certainly a big part of that.  There is no reason they cannot remain a part of the equation even after they die.
Bryan Hoerner

At the Elks Lodge (across the street)
There is a family in need. The child is Colt Fuhrman--5 months old. The benefit will be Saturday June 11, 2011 at the Elks Lodge at 2322 Hanson Rd in Kemah, Texas. We are trying to raise at least $150,000 to help defray his medical bills. (
There will be a Fun Run beginning at 10..sign up between 8:30 and 10 am...Breakfast will be provided for the riders --cost $20 per rider--8 stops. Riders will come back to Elks to collect their hand.
BBQ plates $8 each. The band --SOUTHBOUND will play beginning at 11am
Major Raffle items:
Handmade Curio Cabinet (500 tickets only to be sold at $10 each)
A trip to the Mexican Riviera (4 day/3 night) with airfare--all inclusive-- $20 each ticket
plus other Raffles throughout the day
50/50 POT Game
Up & Down Game
MAJOR LIVE AUCTION ITEMS: (just a short list of some interesting items!!)
Brian Cushing autographed helmet
Frank Thomas autographed baseball
4 Astros tickets in the dugout level with parking pass
Yao Ming autographed Jersey and photo
Mario Williams autographed jersey
A guided Fishing excursion in Galveston Bay
Luis Scola Autographed basketball
LeBron James autographed basketball
Mike Huckabee autographed guitar
Autographed books by George W. Bush, Dick Morris, Steve Doocy and Mike Huckabee
a working Slot Machine
Fine Jewelry, Handmade Quilts, Authentic Mexican wedding dresses, Assorted Baskets
Houston Texans Suite Deal--2 tickets to every home game (10 games) includes food and beverages.
and so much more......
I don't ask for much and I wouldn't be sending this to you unless I knew that perhaps your generosity could help Colt.
Please join me & Team Colt in "Paying it Forward" to this family. Please visit Colt's site for more info on the benefit or to donate. . A little bit goes a long way. And Please pass this email on to anyone you think may want to help or come to the Auction as a buyer.
PS..if ya can't make a donation but want to help...I ALWAYS need volunteers for this kind of event......!!!
Love to you all
Isis Mangum

From Trish at Bayside Bed and Biscuit – beautiful dog!!! Hi All,
This sweet doggie is looking for the right home.  Her name is Gem and she belongs to my best friend, Merrily Calhoun.  Merrily and her family were living in Tripoli Libya when hell broke loose and they had to evacuate.  They managed to get their sweet Gem out of Libya too.  Can you imagine?  All those refugees trying to get out of Libya and this sweet dog wins the lottery and get sprung to the good ole US of A! 
 Gem is a Libyan farm dog.  She loves to run and really needs wide open spaces.  Her current urban, townhome living arrangements are not working for her. She has a gentle, sweet personality, likes children, and has the kindest face.  She is a family dog and loves her people.  She does not love cats though, and only some other dogs (she would have to meet an d greet first).  She is also has a fear of storms. 
 If you know someone that has a place in their heart for this refugee and space large enough for a dog like Gem, please let me know.  I have met her and she really is a gem! 

You know you’re getting old when A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer "pretty good shit."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can share the other point of view from some residents...

Yes the tree carvings are cool... and would make our Clear Lake Shores even more unique. No problem there.

However, I don't want to encourage a Clear Lake Shores Oak Tour, similar to what Galveston has now popularized. I don't want to draw all kinds of outsiders into our Island. We live here and pay taxes here. We are not a tourist attraction.

Craig S. Cargill said...

I started seeing the signs this weekend about supporting Cheif Shelly, but don't know the reason why or what is going on. Would really appreciate more information on what seems to be the problem. Look forward to hearing more on the issue.
Craig S. Cargill

Anonymous said...

Craig Cargill,

Glad you found the blog. No one knows why 2 - 3 council members want to fire our fearless leader, Chief Shelley. He has been with us for over 25 yrs. He had this city up and running after Ike. Take a look at the wonderful comments on the petition (listed June 16).

Should you find out why Perkins and Fuller want to fire the chief, please share it with the rest of us.