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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to...

Former First Lady Barbara Bush.  

Dang! Of all the nights to miss a Council meeting! So our junior council members want to turn our police department upside down to get to the bottom of some perceived wrongdoing. Only perceived by them you understand. All three of them. All three of the junior councilmen. Sniff, Sniff, What’s that smell? Councilmen, you’re not collaborating outside of chambers are you? I’m sure you know that’s AGAINST THE LAW. They started by refusing to hire a 19 year veteran police officer to fill an open slot we have. Sounds like a great plan. Here’s a perception for you councilmen…..I perceive this as retaliation for our City Administrator sending a letter to Councilman Perkins reminding her that her unlicensed teen ager should not be driving her golf cart as it’s AGAINST THE LAW. I won’t mention being out after curfew. Or how about retaliation from Councilman Fuller for getting official letters from the City telling him to clean up his junk yard because the stuff on the lot is AGAINST THE LAW! How’s that for perception. Councilman Laughter I asked you specifically at candidates night if there was any truth to the rumor that y’all were out to get rid of Paul. You told me, and the audience, no. Did you mean it or was that the answer you were told to give. If you can’t file a formal charge then shut the hell up and run the city like you were hired to do. Start with the Town Center LIKE YOU WERE TOLD TO BY THE VOTERS. If you can’t do it then quit. Get the hell out of the way so this city can move forward. I have a very clear picture of our City Administrator riding shotgun on a backhoe helping to clear debris the Sunday after Ike. You sure this is the man you want to run off? I don’t recall seeing any of you for weeks  or months after Ike. If it was up to me who got run off it’s a no brainer. Anybody else see a pattern here? Maybe it’s just me.

Susan and Mark are off again continuing their great adventure. Wish them the best and I’ve included a link to their blog over there -> It’s squivot…

Tim & Julie Thompson are selling their buggy….
I have a Late model (2008 I think) Club Car Precedent with an aluminum diamond plate fold out rear seat for sale, asking $2500.  If you could spread the word I would appreciate it.
Tim Thompson
Mobile: +1 281 954 1700

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Anonymous said...

Looks like retaliation to me Chief has been good
to us what happens if we get a new one He could be a lot more stricter!