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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Beverly Caldwell

And ME! Bev is only 50 though. Lookin’ good Bev!!

Everybody get to see the sign at the Club House? On the South East corner someone put up a sign that says “Support Your Council”. It has been added to a time or two. My question is Who had the onions to put that up? And Why? What incentive do I as a citizen have to support a city council that does not do what I elected it to do? Let’s do a flash back shall we…..

Councilman Sowrey “Civility and Transparency are catchwords that are often used but I cannot find another way to say how important these concepts are when working with others on the Council and encouraging town members to express their concerns on all matters before the Council.  Since registering to run, I have visited over 130 homes, spoken directly with our neighbors and listened as they expressed their concerns and ideas.  They all moved here because they love the friendliness and freedom that exists in our community.  If elected, I will be a conservative, independent thinker who studies the issues and follows the law.  I will protect the environment and uniqueness that we found so attractive when we first discovered the island. “

Councilman Perkins “No matter how it’s presented – there is no way the town center concept can materialize except when the houses on  Aspen and Tindel are gone because there is not enough land for all that otherwise. 
What will the homes be replaced with? Boardwalk style Shops and Restaurants.  Currently the Farmer’s market takes up one large strip of City land.  The remaining vacant land - The parking lot next to Opus, the old Oakie’s lot, and the South Shore Beer Garden lot are vacant for parking for the farmer’s market.  So, where will this town center be?  Eventually, it will have to expand into the residential part of Aspen and Tindel.    You simply can’t cram anything else up there without running someone out. 
It is commercialization taking over residential, and possibly a buyout of existing businesses that are currently there - eventually spreading over the bridge to the island perimeter. No, I do not support that. 
I would like to see the South Shore Beer Garden rebuilt on its lot.  What is wrong with that?  If they want to keep the Farmer’s market that’s fine but where will everybody park? 
I would like to see improvements to the entrance and a right turn lane. 
I would like to see a pedestrian bridge added to the entrance bridge.  That’s all and that’s enough.  
Below are a few ideas that could improve our community and lives...    
Explore costs of dredging the boat slips on the perimeter of the island.  This cannot be done on an individual basis (I have tried) and could be coordinated and maybe even partially paid for with tax revenue. 

Councilman Fuller “     As a conservative I try to pay off debt as soon as possible and try not to borrow. I don't believe
government should be in the real estate business and I'm at a loss to understand how changing the
character of the island is going to retain it. Those don't go together.” He didn’t offer any platform changes so that’s it……..

Arline is off this hook since she’s only been there for a few weeks. But think trees. I like that idea.

Quote of the month “ What happened to the agenda item we wanted on the next meeting” K McIntyre……I know, I don’t remember her name on the ballot either. Maybe I need to up my ginkgo biloba dosage.  


Anonymous said...

Todd said...

Happy Birthday to Allan!
Happy Birthday to you!

And to Beverly too!


Anonymous said...

There may be hope for Arlene beyond the tree thing. I believe someone said she would change her vote and hire the new officer. Show this community what you are made of, Arlene, and do the right thing.

Bryan said...

There is more than just hope for Arlene. She is a smart lady with a mind of her own. She is not a puppet. She has served this city well in the past and I have no reason to believe she will not continue to do so.

Side note - Allan, where did the K McIntyre quote come from? If possible I would like a copy of that.


craig said...

I agree, while I don't always agree with Arleen, she is to be respected. I hope she will do the right thing whatever that is. So far no facts have been presented to us common folk so we will just have to wait untill Tuesday to know what the right thing is. Untill then SAVE OUR CHIEF.

Resident of over five years but no sign. Can someone get me a sign?

Rob Scherer said...

As far as the signs on the island, I have noticed some "Save the Chief" signs missing from the corner of Forrest and Clear Lake Rd. One can only assume they met the same demise as the town center signs several years back. With that said, I saw the "support your council" sign. While I disagree 100% with this sign, the opposition has a right to post any sign they see fit. To deface such a sign, no matter how you feel about it, is wrong. This only lowers our standards, and in my opinion should not be an acceptable practice on our island.

Rob Scherer

craig said...


I agree, No one should lower themselves to destruction of the opponets signs no matter how they feel. Come on folks we are better than that.


Allen Cruthirds said...

The sign was on a public utility pole. I think that is a no can do.

David Chambers said...

Did you see some of the comments on the Support city council sign? They were funny. One said Heil McI. and another said, Their smokin crack. Very Creative people.

DaveC. said...

signs are available at sunset on monday. I would like a 2 dollar donation if you can afford it.

David Chambers

Suzanne Hubbard said...

I had a great time getting local businesses to sign the petition. Paul has such a great reputation in this community.

The only moments that got a bit sticky came when a few asked why anyone would want to get rid of Chief Shelley. I had to answer the truth and say no one knows. And that the council members that want him out are not talking to anyone.

Suzanne Hubbard

Anonymous said...

$2.00 for a sign!!! Thats outrageous. I'll give you $3.00


Rob Scherer said...

I was told the missing signs at Forrest and Clear Lake Rd. were taken and placed in other supporters yards. My appology to the opposition.

bernie mcintyre said...

Suzanne3 - I gave some reasons in mt comments; you are welcome to use them

Suzanne Hubbard said...

Bernie, I usually skip your comments because I can't understand what you are attempting to say. You are not worth my time or energy.

The only reason why I am writing this now is to highlight one of last night's quotes (and in the GDN this morning.) “There seems to be a certain faction on this island that builds a barrier to harmony,” resident Sanford Manning told the council. “I am frankly fed up with it.”

Like Sanford, I am fed up with your barrier to harmony. Over 200 people seemed to agree last night.