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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy belated Birthday to the United Stated Army it was yesterday.

Which was also Flag Day
Well, by some of the comments left here by our friends and neighbors seems some folks are not happy with the way our city is being run. Well what are you going to do about it? Councilman Perkins has filed a new agenda item. It has something to do with firing the Chief. It’s a political game to wait until the last minute to file changes like this. That way it doesn’t give us little people time to go to the office so we can get on the agenda. That’s right the cut off time is in 6 minutes. Wonder where THAT idea came from…..If you are not on the agenda you can only address council as a guest and they cannot respond. Pretty convenient huh……..myself and a few others are looking at options. As a General Law city we can’t recall our council. We have to put up with this BS for another 10 months. We can petition a judge for removal and at this point I have no problem firing the whole damn bunch. I’m looking in to a “No Confidance” petition. I’m not sure where they got the idea that it is their job to piss off the electorate. I expect a crowd at next Tuesday’s meeting. Be there. One way or the other. But be there and let your elected officials know what’s on your mind. 
The Rolex Issue? I heard the Galveston County Sheriffs Office was there to do an inventory and all is well. If it was up to me I'd give Paul a Rolex just for putting up with our bullshit.
 Lord knows he's earned it.
I will post the agenda as soon as it becomes available So check back later.

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ab said...


If it is perceived that I am bias and it has anything to do with our family business, that perception is way off. In the years since Ryan started this thing we haven’t made enough money from this city to buy a months worth of Happy Meals. We do not solicit work from the City but we have done a handful of very small jobs for the city when asked. We are happy to show anyone the total income we received from the city in the past seven years at anytime. I'm not sure what you meant but if that is the perceived bias we can eliminate that as a cause for my backing Paul immediately.

I am staying focused on the real issues based on what information I have . In my mind they are as follows:

1. As far as I can tell a very small group of people, Bernie, Kathy, Tami, Jackie and Arlene are trying to oust Paul and Tina. I have heard and read they are accusing Paul of stealing a watch, making too much money and, nepotism. As far as I can tell there is no proof Paul stole anything, Letting Paul go for accepting a salary that was offered to him is just Looney and Tina has been here many years but just now nepotism is a problem? I agree with you I would love to stick to the facts but even though I have asked everyone on Council to provide me with facts, none of the three mentioned above have chosen to provide me with any response of any kind. Richard and Al did respond. Thanks Richard and Al
2. Based on what I have seen and heard and what I have observed over the years I believe that there most likely have been meetings between Bernie, Kathy and a majority of Council where city business was discussed. If that is true it would be in violation of the law. I am not accusing anyone of anything it is just my gut feeling. If Young has been putting it out there for over a year that he will be our next Chief and now he is\now showing up at Council meetings with his Attorney at the same time they are apparently trying to oust our Chief, you have to admit it raises fair questions.

Vigilante? I’m not sure where that is coming from. We have a short window of opportunity to save Paul and Tina’s jobs . I am trying to find out all I can from anybody I can then I am expressing my opinions and concerns and I am trying to raise as much support for Paul and Tina as I can. I have not accused anyone of anything. I am simply pointing out problems that seem clear to me. I agree with you that any improprieties should be handled by the proper authorities. According to a fellow Islander that told me he is looking into it, tells me that this matter will be handled by the Attorney Generals office and the FBI.

I try to stay out of politics because it takes the enjoyment out of living on the Island. But this issue has pissed me off. If what I have learned at this point is true, everyone should be pissed off. I would love to have the story from the folks that want to take Paul and Tina out but they are refusing to provide anyone with anything as far as I know. Paul is an open book willing to talk to anybody, Bernie’s post about The North Shore Annex is what it is and people are free to interpret it as they please. If I am considered bias because I fully support Paul and Tina based on their commitment to their job and this Island, my appreciation for them both going above and beyond for this Island for many years and for their unbelievable success in their part of getting us back together after Ike, then I am guilty as charged. If anyone thinks I am bias for any other reason they would be wrong.

I realize I have been very direct and maybe insulting to some in trying to muster support for Paul and Tina but in my opinion from what I know at the time of this post, what is happening to them seems unbelievably wrong if not criminal. I promise everyone that if we learn that the facts show Jr. Councils actions are justified, I will be the first to apologize.

Craig Ward

Anonymous said...

Tami, I think you are right there is a problem but it is not with our Police Dept.

It is my opinion that Tami, Fuller and Arlene are under the marching orders of Someone on North Shore and have no intention of considering what anyone other than their North Shore leader wants for our Island.


It is my opinion that we are being led by a council majority that appear to be serving a small group of friends not the community as a whole. We got in this position because we became apathetic and lazy. Many were mad because of the town center results. It’s OK to be disappointed but you can't just take your toys and go home and expect anything other than what has happened to happen. Many of you didn't vote in the last election including me, I also admit I voted for Tami and Perot. I regret all of these mistakes. I really do. We are where we are because of my mistake at the ballot box and those who led the campaign had nothing else to do each day but plot and go door to door soliciting votes and spreading what I have found, in my opinion, to be lies. In my opinion, the candidates won not because they were the most qualified there is no question about that. It couldn’t be more obvious if you listen to either of them speak for more than a minuet. They won because we got LAZY and, in my opinion allowed a strong political machine to place two warm unqualified, bodies in council seats that were willing to do North Shores bidding. Now we are in a mess and it will only get worse if we don't get involved and stop this nonsense.

Stop listening to gossip. Demand to know the facts. I have asked for facts from them and they refuse to respond. Ask yourself the following questions and demand answers from Council. They work for all of us not just those on North Shore. Then make an informed decision one way or the other. Make your decision based on facts not emotions and gossip.

What are the allegations against the Chief?
Craig Ward

Anonymous said...

If there is a watch missing has there been any investigation as to where it went.

Why should Paul be punished if he allegedly makes too much money according to a few folks. It was offered to him and he took it. Should Paul be punished for not demanding less money? Folks, we are dealing with morons in my opinion.

Why has Young been going around for over a year announcing he is going to be our new Chief? Did someone lead him to believe he would be the Chief or is he just a liar? I believe it either came from Tami, Kathy, Bernie, Arlene or all of the above and it needs to be investigated. I believe they have broken many laws over the past year or so at the minimum and we need to look into the whole situation. Yes, I am pissed off and everyone else should be too. This is beyond belief even for the North Shore Gang.


There are far more folks against this attack on the Chief than are for it but if we do not stand up and fight the Island and Paul will loose just like we let them win the election.

Several of the North Shore cronies who are normally with them to the end are distancing themselves from them on this issue. It has taken years but some are finally seeing their true colors.

To all of you still pouting about Town Center,


This entire post and previous posts ares based on my personal opinions and suspicions. I am not accusing anyone of anything


Craig Ward

PS: Todd, Quixotic, I'm impressed. Good word: foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals. Yea, that’s right I had to look it up. Good job.

craig ward said...


If it is an agenda item I think we are allowed to comment and ask questions. Am I wrong?

I have heard many pepole comment that Tami is not very bright. I must now disagree. Her last second filing today proves she is quite the oppisite. If her goal is to be a sneaky politician and get her way without us lowly citizens getting in her way or even listen and respond to our concerns she has learned from the best and is obviously a quick study.


However as I have stated before I will be the first to apologize if the facts support their actions. Still no response from Tami, Jackie or Arlene. I guess Bernie is acting as their spokesperson

Suzanne Hubbard said...

Tami Perkins wants to fire Paul Shelley. Seriously?

If part of the issue is his salary is too high, wouldn't it be more expensive to pay two individuals: a city admin. and a chief of police? Seriously? If both of those positions are filled with new people doesn't it make sense that their combined salaries would be much more than his current salary? In my opinion, he is under paid.

I fear it would cost CLS much, much more if there is another Ike. Paul had such a handle on getting CLS up and running again. If it is true, that you plan on firing him, please assure me that you expect the new interview canditates to bring copies of their crisis management plans.

During the interview please tell me you will ask what are the first five phone calls to make prior to the hurricane and the first five calls after the hurricane. If they have to review their plans prior to answering the question, they do not qualify for the second round of interviews. Please ask if they have any experience with heavy equipment. Another question could be what course of action would they tell the residents to take with yachts in their yards?

I could not disagree with you more, Tami. What can possibly be gained by getting rid of Paul Shelley?

I do not believe you did not know William Young prior to the last CC mtg. As I tried to talk to you after the mtg., Mr. Young came up to you and shook your hand telling you what a fine job you did and that the truth would come out. You would not shake my hand, yet the two of you were sharing such a moment of glory. Seriously?

Please think real hard before you take steps that will hurt this city.

Suzanne Hubbard

Christine Morris said...

Can I first say that since Ike our Little Slice Of Paradise has changed, and in many ways. I can honestly say besides being appalled at the actions of the current city council and the alleged alliances between certain people who TRULY seem to have their own personal agendas I am upset by the spreading of rumors that seem to be happening with the assistance of the internet. Everyone has had their chance to voice their OPINIONS, but we are still missing FACTS!!

IF there is an issue with the way that our city is being managed, there are other venues and help that are available.
An independent audit of the internal workings of the city can be done and we can take those FACTS and deal with them accordingly.

A non biased panel could be formed to interview past and present officers in an OFFICIAL manner to discover issues that may or may not need to be addressed, again... WITH FACTS not just allegations and this can be done so each officer can speak freely and without reservation and have no repercussions of their opinions.

To read these blog entries on here from everyone who has not attended meetings, or have done their civic duty, attended, and have asked for facts but received none to the outside looking in, resemble the ramblings of uneducated school children run amuck.

My thoughts are that until TRUE FACTS can be assessed either by outside sources or independent islanders in a jury style this whole discussion about the dismissal of Chief and Tina should be tabled.

If people are so quick to spend money to "Lawyer and Judge" up let that money and those resources be used to find a solution to this problem and not just create more chaos.

In the past there was always a sense of calm that came to each and every resident when they crossed that little bridge to come home from a long day on the mainland. For many, that sense of calm has recently gone away when so many people are spending time gossiping about alleged wrong doings of people instead of enjoying the calm peaceful environment that I'm sure we ALL cherish so deeply.

I hope that an amicable end to this can be reached and we can all enjoy the pre-Ike atmosphere of this island and little paradise that brought each and every one of us here to begin with.

WE are not afraid to sign our name to this OPINION

Gary and Christine Morris

Anonymous said...

The current city council it completely out of control! While I have no knowledge of any Rolex or anything else that certain people on the Island are accusing Paul of, I personally feel that the "North Shore Posse" are on a vendetta to oust the Chief and Tina for personal reasons that most of know. I also cannot believe that they want to get rid of the Chief because he makes to much money!! Get real and grow up, Paul has a job with a lot of responsibilities, I was a Police Officer for over 10 years and if they pay him anything less than $100,000 a year for being the Chief of Police and City Administrator then it is not enough, I don't care what town you are in big or small! It is a low paying, very dangerous job that most people have no idea what it entails!

I think that the Chief and Tina are just plain and simple getting the shaft and it has to stop! Certain members on the City Council need to go ASAP!! They have been a hinderance to the city progressing forward whether it be not cleaning up certain areas on the Island ( we all know what I'm talking about) or shooting down the Town Center project that would make the front of the Island attractive and appealing to our residents!

I am usually not one to voice my opinion but in this case I could not restrain! Allan, you bet I will be at the meeting!

Jeff Terrell