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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half way

Do you believe the year is half way over? Where did it go? I hope the second half is wetter than the first half. We’re 16 inches shy so far. You know when we finally do get a good rain it’ll have a name…….Any chance of us getting some spin off from T.S. Arlene?

Speaking of Arline. The other night at the packed City Council meeting I had a brief conversation with Former Mayor McIntyre with Councilman Laughter standing beside her. I let my emotions get the best of me and I am prone to, shall we say, “colorful” language. It was uncalled for and by no means intentional and for that I apologize to the former Mayor and Councilman. There is no need for rude behavior. I will try to do better.

It sounds like someone is still after our City Administrator. Last I heard was Bernie has his knickers in a twist and is threatening legal action because the city is moving too slow responding to his demands for Chiefs phone records and emails and blah blah blah. You get the picture. I’ve heard rumors of the independent audit instigated by Councilman McIntyre Perkins is going to burn up a big chunk of your tax money. Thanks again council.
Nebulous. What a great word. It’s even fun to say. Merriam-Webster lists it 1: of, relating to, or resembling a NEBULA 2: INDISTINCT, VAGUE i.e.
“ Mr. Youngs recollection of the events that this complaint is based on appears to be somewhat nebulous. A good portion of the statements made by him during the interview and in his affidavit were not confirmed by any other witnesses. The documents examined during the audit did not support Mr. Youngs version of the story either.” End quote. That’s from Investigator Gutierrez, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, Officer Standards and Education, Investigation Report of Clear Lake Shores Police Department. Is this what it is all about? Really?!


David Chambers said...

You think its HOT now wait!!!!!!!!

allen cruthirds said...

The people and council members seeking to remove our City Administrator/Chief are driven by some acquired desire to cause dissention. If it not this matter it would be something else. It is probably just a part of their nature that has somehow become maladjusted as it pertains to the basic goodness of man. What drives them to become like this? Each one of them should sit down and quietly and deeply examine their conscience to and see if this is the type of behavior that lifts mankind up or drags him down. If they don’t do this then the rest of us should get ready for the next shoe to drop.

Suzanne said...

Allan B. - I am confused. Was there one investigation by Gutierrez and now Perkins wants another one done that would cost a minimum of $30,000?

If there will be a 2nd investigation and it also concludes there are no significant problems perhaps the council person could pay for it? There has to be some consequences for her actions.

Michelle said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that the "bomb" we were all waiting for that was supposedly going to be dropped by our Council is that the city would have to pay back federal grant $$ that was given to us after Ike, due to Chief's "assistance" to some officers on a test they needed to take in order to apply for and receive said $$. Yet in the "nebulous" investigation by Young a year ago, it was concluded that the city does NOT owe any $$, and that Chief took full responsibility and did not lie about his actions. I would like to ask Council to consider these 2 things: 1. What is to terrible and inconceivable about what Chief did that allowed CLS to receive all the financial assistance we needed??? Did we suffer further after Ike because we were blessed to have a leader who had us back up and running long before most other Galveston County communities, due to that financial assistance? 2. I would also like to know of ANY industry that has any type of continuing education, professional development, or further certification courses in which someone has taken a test and NOT read the course manual. Give me a break!!! What matters is that the Chief DID know what to do when he needed to do it. No one is perfect-we all make mistakes, and not everyone is going to love their boss. But the only "nebulous" reasons we have heard so far for Council to take the action it has is for this. Unless there really is another "bomb" we don't yet know of (and if there is, it doesn't much matter to me anymore as the way this entire thing has been handled far outweighs the significance of anything Chief could have done at this point), then I can't imagine how certain council members can live with themselves anymore. Much less live in CLS. If this isn't a personal vendetta, it sure looks and smells like one!

Marie Cruthirds said...

the carving is: The world depicted as a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.

Rob Scherer said...

While the rounded portion of the turtle sculpture "appears to be somewhat nebulous", I think it will eventually become a birdbath

Anonymous said...

Why not turn the "Save the Chief" petition effort into a "tami please resign petition." Sure it would have no legal standing but does show what your neighbors think!