Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good morning Clear Lake Shores!

Did you see that moonrise last night? WOW. If you missed it check it out tonight around 9:20 ish. Awesome.

OK I watered my lawn, washed my Jeep, I left the top down and parked outside. All I got was bird poop on a seat. What do I need to do to get some rain? I am open for suggestions.

To the topic at hand. The link below will take you to a petition site. The petition is a vote of confidence for our city administrator. I was going to offer it to council at next weeks’ meeting but I really, really don’t want to talk to them. Has anyone seen our council people out and about? I don’t know if their collective absence would be considered hiding by all but it sure seems that way to me. Who do you think they are hiding from? We the people perhaps? If I do happen across any of them maybe I’ll ask them what the end goal is. Surely it isn’t to appease some tired old whackjob and it damned sure isn’t to make us happy. So, the short version is click on the link below and sign the petition if you support Paul. If you don’t that’s entirely up to you. All I ask is tht you spread the word. I only have about 300 email address so that leaves a lot of our neighbors out. Spread the word.

MJ can you put this on FACESPACE please? If anyone can attach this to Twitterface that would be ok too. J

LOOK HERE--->  100 signs have been purchased that say "SAVE OUR CHIEF" they will be at sunset friday evening. Come by and get one for your yard or Golf Cart. See Dave Chambers

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.


Pam H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roselyn Pierce said...

Thank you Pam for the explanation.

Todd Ford said...

When all of this settles down I would certainly be interested in a recipe for Watermelon Juice Salad.

Aint never heard of nuthin like that....


Roselyn Pierce said...

I am so terribly sorry Helle. I love you and would never want to hurt or upset you. I have not heard your name mentioned at all. Please understand I am just fighting for Paul and Tina before they get whacked next Tuesday.

craig ward said...


I have not heard your name mentioned at all regarding any of this and if I did I would defend you to the end. I know you are going through alot right now but you need to care about this situation. It involves two very good pepoles lives that have been a great asset to this Isalnd. You don't need to get involved but please care. This is a horrible situation. Rest assured you are not being followed I promise you. There is every reason to believe some folks have been in violation of the open meetings act. Not you of course but some on Council. Like I tell my kids, you have the right to be friends with anyone you choose but even if you are totally innocent, if they are suspected of wrong doing and you are hanging out with them you will be assumed guilty by association. Lastly, no one is paranoid. Your friends and some on Council are taking action that will do great harm to this Island and to Paul and Tina. This is not paranoia it is fact. Everyone who supports the Chief are watching Tami, Jackie, Arlene, Kathy and Bernies actions and trying to piece together what is happening and what has happend in the past to get us to this point since they will not answer to anyone. I am confident you are not involved in any unsavory behaviour but I believe they are. They will be under the gun for quite some time I am sure so you may want to hang out with folks who are not the ire of the Island at this point. Our entire family respects you and always have. You know if you, DC or any of your family needs anything we are there for you. Paul and Tina would be too.


craig ward said...


Nothing your friends are doing right now is to be admired but of course you don't mention that. Everyone who supports the Chief is keeping an eye on this out of control council majority so we know how to stop the insanity.

Like I told Helle, if you don't like being under the spotlight hang out with folks who aren't under the spotlight.

What would you have us do just sit back and let them run over the majority of us and Paul and Tina. That is most likely exactly what you would like but that is not going to happen as you will witness Tuesday.

craig ward said...

Hey everyone,

Alot of pepole are jumping in now so lets make it easier for everyone. If you comment, post your comment on the most recent blog entry so we don't have to keep going back to see if we misssed something. Just a thought,

Also some think Chief supporters are out of line, paranoid or gossipy. I say keep the posts coming ( sign your name )and let anything you have heard, seen or suspect become known. It will take all of the information we can put together to get these folks under control and hopefully out of office. Unlike folks from the North Side we will be able to eventually sort out the facts from the fiction and the real truth will be right there in front of us.


Craig ward said...


One last comment. The Chief told me today that since he posted that his door is open and he will answer any and all questions, no one has showed up. I think that is because no one on the Island needs to hear it from the Chief as I think we all know this is BS. Except for five of our neighbors who aren't interested in facts and the truth. Just my opinion.


bernie mcintyre said...

Roselyn - you owe the community an apology for what you did. You went to a whole new level of paronoia and set a new standard for bloggers.Taking license plates numbers of visitors to our house and telling the police to run a trace on them. There is no need for me to have a political meeting at my house when I can reach more people here.
You have been asking me questions, I have one for you. Did the police respond to your request and tell you who was at my house ?
To me, it is scary that you have, or think you have, that kind of relationship with the police. I would be even more scared if the police followed through on it. You all should be scared of that.

Roselyn Pierce said...

I told the police there was a council persons car at your house (I didn't tell them you were simultaneously posting to this blog that you had and were filing more complains against our city) and I asked them the simple question if there was more than one council person at your house. You know its a violation of law for council members to be meeting outside of council. You had already confirmed through earlier posts that your house is the "north shore annex". I have since called and apologized to the two people I personally know who were at your house that are not council members.....Anyone new to these blogs, please proceed down to the one under the photo of the kitties that has 43 posts, beginning with the original posts. This will bring you up to date about how islanders, Paul and the Mayor are feeling about all of this.

bernie mcintyre said...

It is not a violation to have a council member here.
I asked you a question: Did the police run a license check ? You have been demanding answers from me, now I ask you to return the favor

derses said...

No, the police, the city secretary nor the mayor responded to my email, that is why I posted it on the blog to see if anyone else had seen all the cars and could answer my question about how many council people were there. I found out because I called Helle and she told me who was there. I have never received an email from Paul or the Mayor.

Roselyn Pierce said...

Sorry, the header says derses, but its from me, Roselyn

bernie mcintyre said...

Roselyn - you called Helle or she called you, steamed about what you did?

Roselyn said...

I called her three times, she never called me. Out of respect for her, please dont use her name here......Can someone else now deal with Bernie? I am getting tired of this.

bernie mcintyre said...

Roselyn - your reply is not very clear; did you recieve any form of communication from the city, Paul, Vern etc indicating that the police did make the license check ?

bernie mcintyre said...

Roselyn - a simple question : yes or no

bernie mcintyre said...

Roselyn - I take your silence as a

bernie mcintyre said...


Getting closer to the rumor source:

According to a memo from Roselyn dated 6/8/11 she wrote
" I called Paul Shelley two weeks ago and told him I heard a rumor that Arline was saying he had stolen a Rolex out of the property room and given it to Tina and that Arline was going to bring this up at the next council meeting "

As a result of that rumor given to Paul, he hauled Arline into his office and tried to intimidate her into keeping quiet.

So, Roselyn, you heard a rumor and passed it on to Paul; who told you ? You can clear this up quickly!

Anonymous said...

Bernie. She answered your simple question. Read the responses. I'll give you a hint: derses.

Roselyn said...

Here's an interesting article published in 2004 that mentions Bernie's name. Any of you newbies, especially if you moved to the island after 2004 might want to bring yourself up to date with some of the issues mentioned in this article. And now Bernie, I will not longer address any of your emails. See you Tuesday.

bernie mcintyre said...

So you want to drag up some dirt on Sohn Scott who is not alive to tell you where to go and now you want some dirt on me. I can show you more dirt if you are nice to me. Just give me a yes or no to my question.

I suspect from your silence that you may the the source of the rumor and there is no person who passed it on to you

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read. thx Roselynn. Why blame Sohn Scott when it looks like the dirt is Bernie's. A history of the same crap.

Anonymous said...


While I really do not know you, your reputation precedes you. I think the biggest problem I have with the demands your are requesting is that you are preventing Chief Shelley from doing his job. There are many more important things that he needs to be doing for the City other than looking up email, phone and credit card records. I have just one question for you, what is your reasoning for not wanting the City of Clear Lake Shores to move forward. All you are doing in the long run is hurting yourself and your neighbors. I am not sure I would want to live in a place where just a few people liked me, especially a place like Clear Lake Shores where almost everyone who lives here are friends. Please direct your energy to something worthwhile, it seems that there is always something that you want to cause turmoil over, is it really the way you want to spend your time?


Jeff Terrell

bernie mcintyre said...

Jeff - That is not his job; they have staff who do the work. These are office records. On the other hand, you have no problem with him taking time to do requests for license checks and police arrests ?
That one he would probably have to do himself and be away from his city duties.
You may not feel this way, but we are moving forward, and I am not overly concerned with a tally of friends.