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Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Monday morning...

Just got back on the Island. It's 11:57 PM and I'm beat. Went to my 42nd annual Family Reunion in booboo Arkansas. It's not on your map. It's not even on an Arkansas map. I drug my family with me because, well. it's a family reunion. What a beautiful, peaceful place filled with beautiful, peaceful people. Too damn bad there's nothing to do. It's a 9 hour drive and I don't care what you do short of flyin' in it's gonna take 9 hours. You can speed up here but a hay wagon is gonna pull out there or somebody has to pee and  that's that. It all works out to 9 hours for 510 miles. Period. Take it to the bank.
Got lots of hits on the blog in the past few days. More hits than total votes in the last election as a matter of fact. There's a story there somewhere and we might get to it but that will be later.
I'll start this by stating a fact. I am not now, nor ever have been and, God willing, never will be, politically correct. I personally believe that PC is a crime that has been foisted on good people by card carrying assholes. That said, I am not and will not be a censor. I will not edit any comments on this blog.... That don't need editing. If your delicate sensabilites get offended by a post or a comment to a post, I won't even offer an "I'm sorry". I will simply ask you to go some fucking place else.
Moving on. This whole anonymous posting thing.......I can think of many, many reasons that someone would select the anonymous button. Most of them are valid. But please, if you're going to use this forum to speak your piece, be as civil as you can. All I ask is that you remember the golden rule. Drag out the Roget's you had to buy as a sophomore and put it to use. Get creative, your old English teacher would be proud. Know that when you add your good name to a comment it swings a much bigger stick. Please don't misunderstand me, There are people walking amongst us that have no idea they are assholes. I consider it a public service to educate these people, but do it as gently as you can. Thanks in advance.

Damn it's good to be home....think I'll go pour a big scotch and water.

My favorite sign some where in Western Arkansas was "B and B grocery and Chain Saw" it beat out the "Garrison Fina, Cafe and Bait Shop"

Hey, any body but me love the "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars ?         "......I'm the frickin' man..." I love it. I can't get it out of my head..... good night y'all.........

See y'all at the next city council meeting? Ought to be a hoot............


Bernie McIntyre said...

Bill Young was at the meeting, he says, because our neighbor asked him to come. Why was he asked ? No idea; possibly kissing up to hiom because he is running for office. He should have introduced himself as a candidate at the meeting.

By the way, Tami knew of him but had no idea what he looked like. You are reading much more into this than exists.

Also, I have not met anyone who considers Young for any position here. Why dont you check some of your statements first.

Bernie McIntyre

bernie mc intyre said...

Odds and Ends from your friday blog:
You just can not get over the fact that someone had a hard time paying their taxes and waqs delinquent. I hope you never lose your job and go in that direction. My understanding is that the taxes are paid, including the huge interest. Now that the tax delinquent is taken care of, you can expend your energy going after the tax evader. Big difference.

If you are setting off fireworks at 11 PM I hope they do haul you off. Fireworks ban, potential fires, stupidity !

All the trucks, cars and golf carts in front of our house ? So what. Many people on the island have social functions. You were not invited so there is something sinister going on. Get a life !

When you hear the phrase " too much money " it is in the context of how high the salary is for the number of people served and the level of activity in the city. People are probably comparing it to what a city manager gets in League city or Galveston, LaMarque etc. I do not know what those salaries are and do not care. I do care about some of the excessess of office. I am told he draws andances on his salary. Who authorizes that ? Do all city employees do that ? Can he manage the evidence locker ? Evidently not; the rolex issue is a couple of years old. Who has access to the locker or safe ? Are state requirements being met for the handling of evidence ? I assume there would be a tamper proog envelope for evidence; sign in/out. Has the rolex ever been registered in the state data base ? I bet it is now ! If ity is not registered it does not exist as far as the state is concerened and who ever has access to the safe can use it. What other items might there be in an evidence locker ? Drugs ??? Cash ?? Weapons ?? Probably not; in this island paradise we have no crime, no drugs, no need for weapons. I am going to file a complaint with the state on this issue. The state already handled one complaint and issues Paul a reprimand. One more repremand and he loses his peace officer certification. His excuse for the actions given to the state was that this is the way we always do things in CLS. Oh, and when the issue of an evaluation came up, the result of the state investigation was not given to council; because that is the way we do things in CLS. The bicycle safety class will go a very long way in helping us overlook these other issues.


Roselyn Pierce said...

Bernie, if you have a problem with the way things have been handled over the years, why didn't you get your wife to change things when she was Mayor? I believe the watch was still in the evidence room at that time when she was Mayor. Why is it an issue now for you? Couldn't she have set up these guidelines you now think are so important? Maybe she has some responsibility also or is it just Paul and Vern's fault? I understand the Sheriff's Dept. was there this morning and did an inventory and all is OK......For those of you new to this blog, be sure to go down to the 20 comments below the photos of the kittys to be up to date on how people are feeling about this.