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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "first" day of summer?

Summer is finally Here!
But look at that chance of rain! When is the last time you heard the words rain and tomorrow in the same sentence? Keep your fingers crossed.

At LAST!! Our council speaks! But not to you by God. She’ll talk to a stranger, a reporter with the GDN has this from T Perkins. I want to say thank you but I’m not sure Why….

Tells you a lot about Young too. Running for Sheriff? I guess the insurance business didn’t pan out. Something else to remember when I enter the ballot box i guess. My opinion? Galveston County can do a lot better......

Everybody figure out who Candace Ford is? Good. I was made to promise I wouldn't answer Craigs question. It will be handled by someone more "sensitive" than me.


See ya'll there......
Seen in a bar in Angie Louisiana “ Cats are like tiny women in fur coats”


Bryan said...

Who was in a bar in Angie?

Anonymous said...

Is it true Bernie was served with eight counts of harrasment against his neighbor?

Roselyn Pierce said...

Yes, and she says she has video taped most of them. She will be an unscheduled speaker tonight. Thank you Allan for providing this open forum and petition for everybody to speak their mind this past week. I intend to keep turning over stones to see what crawls out.

Todd Ford said...

Candace Ford is not a member of our community. Why then is she poking her opinion in here. Personal grudge. It seems that her son was the young man accused of assault recently. He apparently followed the then mayor of League City into the Discount Tire parking lot and, according to witnesses, physically assaulted all 5 ft nothing of the lady.
Ms. Ford obviously has an issue with our law enforcement who were involved.
Ms. Ford, let's drop it. You have every right to speak here but, this is a crap fight. It don't look good and it don't smell good. Be careful you don't get none on ya.
There should be enough turmoil in your own community of LC to keep you busy

Todd Ford. (no relation to Candace Ford)

Adelia Oakes said...

I have been trying to listen to all rumors with a grain of salt. I really got my dander up when I saw that they were really trying to fire the chief without bringing their issues before the people first. Don't they work for us??? For the rumor around that a Kathy runs this bunch, it sure makes it look true when she came to sunset last night spouting about what "she" is presenting tomorrow and the evidence "she" will present. Is she a council person? If there is a problem with our city I know all of us want to know and would want to deal with it. If you have accusations/daming paperwork why don't you share it with the people who live here. I would ask our elected council persons to take note of the feelings of the majority of the people on this island. I would hate to see action taken based on the general anger,resentment or personal vendeta of a few.

Paul Garner said...

Can someone tell me who Robert Johnson and Carl Gas is? I did not hear either one speak last night but they sure seem to throw a bunch of accusations around.

Paul Garner
827 Cedar

Anonymous said...

Carl glas is a busybody troll that prowls the comments section of the GDN.
Lots of opinions. Nothing relevant.

Robert Johnson is probably a Young supporter. That or one of Chicken George's neighbors over on Tindell

Anonymous said...

Carl glas is a busybody troll that prowls the comments section of the GDN.
Lots of opinions. Nothing relevant.

Robert Johnson is probably a Young supporter. That or one of Chicken George's neighbors over on Tindell

Roselyn said...

Got a wacky email last night from someone claiming to be a friend of Roberts but wont say which one. Talked about our "silly meeting" last night and that he saw me at Opus recently. His email is Anybody know who this joker is? Thanks.

Craig said...

Good job everyone,

We did exactly what we needed to do last night. We showed up and supported Paul in a calm professional manor. What now? Here is what I think.

We are at the mercy of three Council members who are seemingly being led by Kathy and Bernie. What do Kathy and Bernie have to do with this I don’t know do you? They seem to think they are on Council. I watched these three last night and noticed Fuller sat there with his arms crossed leaning back in his seat with a smirk on his face all night. Body language speaks volumes. Tami seemed to have a tired, deer in the headlights stare and Arlene, I can’t figure her out. Maybe there is some hope she will use facts and common sense in making her decision but I think Arlene is Pauls only hope if he does not deserve to be let go. What next?

First and foremost ignore Bernie and Kathy. We all know who they are and what they are about. Let’s quit wasting time on them. They are just citizens like you and I.

Next we need to find out what allegations were made against Paul in Executive session last night. The facts not gossip.

As concerned citizens, once this information is gathered, we need to get together with Paul, if he would like to be there to help us understand his side of the story, see what they have put on the table. and review it. At this point everyone can make their own educated decision regarding Pauls fate .

At the next council meting we ALL need to show up in force, this time as scheduled visitors, and express our feelings regarding this situation based on the facts we will have finally wrestled out of these three. The facts may change minds but no matter what we ALL need to show up and speak our minds.

At this point it will be in the hands of three Councilman but your not off of the hook. We still have work to do. No matter what the facts show or what Pauls fate turns out to be, I think many of us agree that no matter how this turns out some on Council have handled this poorly at best and we need to look into it. Was Tami’s investigation legal, were there meetings between councilman in violation of the open meetings act, why did they attempt to put an item on the agenda to fire Paul before we the citizens had the opportunity to see the facts, except Kathy and Bernie, and before Paul had a chance to defend himself? I don’t know and neither do most of us. I think it was Kathy that made another strange comment last night. I think it was Kathy that said facts were not put out there because they needed to be kept secret until an executive session took place but she and Bernie know all of the facts. Why are they special? I don’t know the answer to that either. Do you? Even if the charges against Paul are valid and rise to the level of dismissal, three on Council. In my opinion have some allegations against them they need to address. They represent us and need to answer fair questions.

Folks, hang in there, look at the facts, keep involved and do the right thing. I’m curious who agrees with me and who doesn’t If you agree with me let me know, if you don’t let me know. Either way please sign your name.



Craig said...


Before sitting down Fuller stopped and talked with Kathy. No big deal. Maybe he was getting instructions.

Fuller sat with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face nearly the whole meeting. The body language spoke volumes to me.

Kathy tried to speak several times out of order.

Most of Kathys comments made little sense to me and seemed very hypocritical.

Didn't see much support for the three muskateers.

Tami looked tired

When Tami was asked if she had anything to ad at the beginning of the meeting, she said I don't have anything. Fuller, same thing. I hope they are right.

Those in support of Paul were very respectful

After the meeting Chanel 2 and Youngs Attorney went to the far south end of the clubhouse deck out of sight of the folks leaving the meeting. Channel 2 was filming documents the attorny was showing him. Why didn't he show all of us the documents at the same time and why die they appear to be hiding at the end of the deck? Just sayin.

Did anyone else see or hear anything interesting? If you did share it with us


DaveC. said...

Tami will be on vacation next council meeting so will Richard Sowrey. I think we all need to show up at the next 3 or 4 council meeting to keep the pressure on and to keep them honest if that's possible.

Roselyn Pierce said...

I heard something interesting.....that the last people there last night were Tami's Mom and Young's attorney. Tina went and hugged Tami's Mom who was on the porch crying.

Bryan said...


Love the passion! Here is some interesting reading for you:

Here is a key excerpt:

Under the law, a member of the governing
body is subject to removal for incompetence, official misconduct,
or intoxication. A petition for removal must be filed
with a district court, may be filed by any resident of the city,
and must state the alleged grounds for removal. The judge
may decide to issue a citation to the member in question or
may decline to do so. If the judge declines to issue a citation,
the petition is dismissed at the cost of the petitioner. If
the judge issues a citation to the member, the member must
appear before the judge to answer the petition and may request
a trial by jury. The petitioner must execute a bond in
an amount fixed by the judge. The bond shall be used to
pay damages and costs to the member if the alleged
grounds for removal are found to be insufficient or untrue.
The final judgment on the issue may be appealed by either
party. Conviction of the member for any felony or official
misconduct will result in immediate removal, and the removed
member is ineligible for reelection for two years.
There is no such thing in a general law city as “recall,”
which is a procedure citizens can use to vote an incumbent
mayor or councilmember out of office before the expiration
of his or her term. The power of recall is limited to voters in
home rule cities in which the charter provides for the procedure.


craig said...


I'm proud of Tina for doing that. Mary is a good woman as is Tamis husband and son from what I know of them as their neighbor. None of them deserve what Tami is dragging them through.


bernie mcintyre said...

Todd Ford said .... Todd- Candace has a right to her opinion regardless where she lives. You, like many here, value only the opinions of your group and if anyone differs, you want to get some dirt on them. Thank you for the background on Candace, spineless (anon)