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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day of the hump

Trying to remember the last time I heard thunder…music to my ears. I put my top up for the first time since February. Just in time too.
Local Boy Done good story here..

Well that was fun, I stood next to a chronicle reporter for most of the night. She kept telling me to wait for it, a bomb was going to drop any minute….I must have sneezed and missed it. There was nothing in the Chronicle this morning either. GDN has this though.
Good to know the former mayor has seen some information, no one else has……..

Remember that what goes on in Executive Session stays in Executive session so no news here.

What was your take on the meeting last night?

Hurricane Meeting Tonight in the Clubhouse! Starts at 6PM

From a neighbor on CLR    "
Tuesday morning I went down to get in my car and my glove box, console and golf cart glove boxes were ransacked. They took my iPod from my glove box. Nothing else stolen, not even my radar detector. Police think must be some kids looking for cash, etc. Pine, Oak, and other streets were hit as well. It happened Monday night late. I imagine it has to be kids that live there. I want parents who have teenage kids to look out for a silver iPod and Mike had it engraved for me. Can’t remember what it said though. Uncalled for and I am pissed. 20 yrs. on the Island and never had anything even touched.
Parents? Do you know where your lil' darlin's are? you damn well better..........
And here's another from the same time.... mom and Dad , Is junior sporting a new pair of Oakley's? If you don't keep up with your kids the county will. Sorry about the rip off Tom.......

A possum, AKA asphalt flounder, is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road.


Capt Mike said...

Have you ever noticed that people with lots of letters behind their name and are suppose to be so smart usually have not a lick of common sense.
Did you noticed that most of the people involved in the north side cartel also had Obama signs in their yards a couple years back. That sorta explains alot.

Roselyn said...

I am hoping Paul has enough money to pay his attorney to get to the bottom of this. I would imagine last night was about $1000 for his attorney. Does the city pay for his defense or does Paul have to pay to protect himself from this small group of haters? Anybody know?

craig said...

Good job everyone,

We did exactly what we needed to do last night. We showed up and supported Paul in a calm professional manor. What now? Here is what I think.

We are at the mercy of three Council members who are clearly being led by Kathy and Bernie. What do Kathy and Bernie have to do with this I don’t know do you? They seem to think they are on Council. I watched these three last night and noticed Fuller sat there with his arms crossed leaning back in his seat with a smirk on his face all night. Body language speaks volumes. Tami seemed to have a tired, deer in the headlights stare and Arlene, I can’t figure her out. Maybe there is some hope she will use facts and common sense in making her decision but I think Arlene is Pauls only hope. What next?

First and foremost ignore Bernie and Kathy. We all know who they are and what they are about. Let’s quit wasting time on them. They are just citizens like you and I.

Next we need to find out what allegations were made against Paul in Executive session last night. The facts not gossip.

As concerned citizens, once this information is gathered, we need to get together with Paul if he would like to be there to help us understand his side of the story, see what they have put on the table. and review it. At this point everyone can make their own educated decision regarding Pauls fate .

At the next council meting we ALLneed to show up in force, this time as scheduled visitors, and express our feelings regarding this situation based on the facts we will have finally wrestled out of these three. The facts may change minds but no matter what we ALL need to show up and speak our minds.

At this point it will be in the hands of three Councilman but your not off of the hook. We still have work to do. No matter what the facts show or what Pauls fate turns out to be, I think many of us agree that no matter how this turns out Council has handled this poorly at best and we need to look into it. Was Tami’s investigation legal, was there meetings between councilman in violation of the open meetings act, why did they attempt to put an item on the agenda to fire Paul before we the citizens had the opportunity to see the facts, except Kathy and Bernie, and before Paul had a chance to defend himself? I don’t know and neither do most of us. Kathy made another strange comment last night. She stated that the facts were not put out there because they needed to be kept secret until an executive session took place but she and Bernie know all of the facts. Why are they special? I don’t know the answer to that either. Do you? Even if the charges against Paul are valid and rise to the level of dismissal, three on Council. In my opinion have some allegations against them they need to address.

Folks, hang in there, look at the facts, keep involved and do the right thing. I’m curious who agrees with me and who doesn’t If you agree with me let me know, if you don’t let me know. Either way please sign your name.


Anonymous said...

Hey AB,
Where is the new tree sculpture located that's in your photo -- it's looking fun.

Mike Bass said...

Craig, the city ordinances define the City Administrator's job (Chapter 2). You can find this on the city web site. The ordinance also requires a super majority (4 council members) of council to dismiss him (Sec.2-65)

"The city administrator shall report to and be accountable to the mayor for matters dealing with the day-to-day operations of the city and to city council for policy, personnel, budgets, financial performance and other matters, as noted herein. The city administrator shall be appointed by city council and can only be dismissed with approval of four city council members"

It also takes a super majority to change this provision. Of course, if he has done something criminal in nature then this provision would not apply.

In regard to Executive Sessions, all attendees are prohibited from discussing outside the meeting what went on during the meeting. However, this does not mean that Tami can not talk about what she found out before the meeting. If Paul has not done anything wrong he should ask for a Public Hearing next time and not let these things be covered up in an Executive Session. I understand an independent special investigation will be conducted. If so the results of thst investigation should be covered in an open meeting. Transparancy is critical in situations such as this.

Hello from Mike Bass, former resident and council member watching this from the North

craig said...

OK, I read the article in the GDN. Tami blames the high turover on Paul but at the meeting Kemah told us five officers had come to them for more money and from what I understand Crystal left to be a stay at home mom after her accident. How many officers does that leave that Paul allegedly ran off? Tami told the reporter she could only release the other allagations in an executive session but Kathy seems to say she has seen the information. Wait, What?

Kathy goes on to say that she has seen other unspecified problems and she thinks its time for a change. Why Kathy? Could you please specify.

She admitts she can't seperate facts from fiction when it comes to Pauls job performance and goes on to say alot of it is rumors and you can't do much with rumors.

Am I reading this right? It almost sounds like she has jumped to our side. Can someone Help me understand?. It get weirder every day


craig said...

Mike, Bryan

Thanks for useful information. Keep it coming. We all appreciate any facts we can get our hands on


craig said...

Keep in mind it is a crime for anyone to discuss what went on in the executive session. It looks like Tami and Fuller are on their own because they can't get marching orders from Bernie and Kathy on how to act on the outcome of the meeting. if that is what they do.

Anonymous said...

Are you reading your own posts before you retype the exact same thing?

Less is more.

You're not going to solve it here.

Most of us agree with you so let it play out.

craig said...

I didn't retype it. I copied and pasted it when Allan put up the most recent blog. I just wanted to make sure folks saw it. This is a very important issue and these type of attacks may not stop with Paul. I feel we all need to be aware and stay involved. Sorry if you think I am overboard but your thoughts would carry more weight if you signed your name. Anyway I asked for responses and you responded. I'm glad you agree with me and I hope we can stop the nonsense.


Allen Cruthirds said...

I suggest listening to the sage advice of Mike Bass. If there is a problem, then a "Public Hearing" is the best forum to get the information to the people.

craig said...

I agree, how do we set one up?


Suzanne said...

In my opinion, last night was only the beginning of what the residents of CLS need to do.

We need to pack the place on CC nights, especially as long as Fuller and Perkins have seats on council.

Let's pray for Paul, that he asks for a Public Hearing.

I wonder how long the independent special investigation will take?

Becky S said...

My car was ransacked as well one week ago. The didn't take anything but an old cell phone that no longer worked. We reported it to police. Unfortunately I feel it was my fault because I left my car unlocked.

I was at the meeting last night along with my elderly mother that lives with us. Tina has taken care of my mother on several occasions when I have been at work and she has fallen. Tina is a very compassionate and concerned woman who thinks of us as human beings rather than just people she has to deal with because her job requires it. GO SHELLY'S WE SUPPORT YOU !!!!!

bernie mcintyre said...

Good to hear from you, Mike.
It was Paul's call on the meeting; he chose a closed meeting. Closed, no comments from any participants.
Tha advantage of an independent investigation is that the details can be made public. The details will probably be developed at the next CC meeting.
So, I suggest you all support the city having an independent investigation so that we can bypass all the rumors.