Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half way

Do you believe the year is half way over? Where did it go? I hope the second half is wetter than the first half. We’re 16 inches shy so far. You know when we finally do get a good rain it’ll have a name…….Any chance of us getting some spin off from T.S. Arlene?

Speaking of Arline. The other night at the packed City Council meeting I had a brief conversation with Former Mayor McIntyre with Councilman Laughter standing beside her. I let my emotions get the best of me and I am prone to, shall we say, “colorful” language. It was uncalled for and by no means intentional and for that I apologize to the former Mayor and Councilman. There is no need for rude behavior. I will try to do better.

It sounds like someone is still after our City Administrator. Last I heard was Bernie has his knickers in a twist and is threatening legal action because the city is moving too slow responding to his demands for Chiefs phone records and emails and blah blah blah. You get the picture. I’ve heard rumors of the independent audit instigated by Councilman McIntyre Perkins is going to burn up a big chunk of your tax money. Thanks again council.
Nebulous. What a great word. It’s even fun to say. Merriam-Webster lists it 1: of, relating to, or resembling a NEBULA 2: INDISTINCT, VAGUE i.e.
“ Mr. Youngs recollection of the events that this complaint is based on appears to be somewhat nebulous. A good portion of the statements made by him during the interview and in his affidavit were not confirmed by any other witnesses. The documents examined during the audit did not support Mr. Youngs version of the story either.” End quote. That’s from Investigator Gutierrez, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, Officer Standards and Education, Investigation Report of Clear Lake Shores Police Department. Is this what it is all about? Really?!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a brand new Tuesday

Don’t waste it. Get out there and let the world know you’re awake!

If you haven’t had a chance to view the online vote of support for Chief Shelley it’s not too late. Go here
And last but not least a cute dog named Gem, who was featured here last week is still taking applications for new co-habitants. If you’re interested contact our very own Pet Liaison, The lovely and talented Lezlie Cates-Smith.

Neighbors in need here…This is why they are bad guys. There is a special place in hell for this trash.
Thieves steal AC units from BATP!
This morning we arrived at our Crisis Intervention Center to an oven because last night thieves stole the copper and insides of our two AC Units.  It is not only grueling hot for the staff and volunteers, but also for the men, women and children who come to us for legal advocacy, counseling, employment guidance, food assistance and intake into our Shelter program.  Today, we have 71 women and children in our Shelter - on-going proof that our services meet a growing need in our community.

I am sending this out to ask that you please forward it to everyone that you know.  It is our hope that someone who receives this can help us get two new AC units as soon as possible.  Perhaps a hero who owns a AC company can provide the units as a charitable contribution or will be able to donate critically needed funds to help get the units replaced.  We will also need to secure these new units. In these already difficult economic times when we are watching every penny to avoid cutting services, we simply need your help. 

Perhaps you or those you know will be able to help our organization that is here 24 hours every day to help our community.  I am trusting God to ensure that our need is known to those who can help.  If you want to send an immediate gift for this need, please go to our website to donate electronically or just click the Donate Now button below. 

Thank you,
Diane Savage, LBSW
Presend and CEO
Bay Area Turning Point, Inc.
Mail Line: 281-338-7600
24 HR Hotline 281-286-2525
Direct Line: 281-204-8855
Fax: 281-557-0290

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ahhh Sunday...

Yes it is a little toasty but that did not stop me from some quality nap time in the hammock. Even in the upper 90's in the shade with the breeze was pretty dang nice.

How about the new picture?  got it figured out yet? you're probably close but there's more. Know where it is?
Great Party Dave! Thanks for the invite. And Happy Birthday to all those deserving!

Ever watch Chopped? It's on one of the food channels, they throw some bizarre assortment of stuff in a basket and people have to create a meal out of it. We had our own Island version Saturday. We modified the rules a bit since no one wanted to volunteer their kitchen for the adventure. There ended up being 6 entries that had to make a meal out of a cornish hen, endive, Anchovies, a pineapple and, wait for it, waaaaait, Cheeze-its. Did you know that there are 5 different flavors of Cheeze-its at Randalls? And that Cornish game hens were bred with all white meat in Pennsylvania in the 1950's and they have nothing to do with a game bird? They are just midget chickens with stumpy little legs. Why would you know that? We coagulated at Coonies as close to 7 as we could make. And just like the show there was lots of last minute drama. I personally think the event was absolutely TV ready. Jims baked bird in the pineapple was way past cool. And Dianas All inclusive pizza was a hands down favorite. Evidently my anchovy dressing stuffed in a poblano stuffed in a hen was not what the judges were looking for. Randy hit a home run with his baked bird with a presentation that could have , I swear, been on the cover of a magazine. It was that pretty. Pretty enough to woo the judges in to a first place vote. Randy, you rock! Coonie and Donna maybe we'll do better next time.

Lots of ideas out there on the inter-web. How about this one. We know our little Island took a big hit last week with Tinas' departure. I'm sure we will try but we all know she cannot be replaced. Tina, from me to you, you deserve better. You're still a youngster so go out there and enjoy yourself. Know we love and miss you. To the rest of you Islanders how about this. Our little police force just took a shot. Inside and out. If you have one ounce of intellectual honesty you will admit they coddle us. As noted by some dumb-ass in a post last week new officers are told not to #$%^ with us. Don't know about you but I don't have a big problem with that. Every now and again someone shows their ass and has to be reigned in a tad but it beats getting tazed! How about we coddle back? A sort of police appreciation day? A little BBQ, lots of iced tea, some cold watermelon? Heck, Lets make it open to all the folks that help keep our little ship just the way we like it. How many of you know Jorge? Christy? Denise? How many officers can you name? I pick a Saturday in August, maybe prior to a Jammin' event? I'm in for a brisket and a chicken. Or we could reserver the club house if it's available and ask all the city employees that can make it wear a name tag so we can introduce ourselves and tell them thank you. KVFD? Hey Bernie, you wear your EMT gear and I'll serve you? What do you think. Lets put a band-aid on this fiasco and move forward.
" Everyone has a photographic memory, some of us are just out of film"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Raindrops & It's Friday!

What a great way to start the weekend. If you're already off island we got a little sprinkle this morning. just enough to make the plants happy. And just enough to make me blow off mowing.
Where in heck are all these little flying ants coming from? Their little carcases, or is that carki?, are all over the place....
Just read yesterdays comments. Wow. Good to see so many folks are paying attention. I'm going to lob this out there and let it land where it may. First, I'm not mad at anybody, I'm just fed up with the BS. Next, I suggest that some of you take a deep breath and back up from the keyboard. Craig. Think about what is going on in your city and what, if anything, you plan to do about it. With recent events it's hard not to take it personal but try just the same. Remember, when the dust settles, we'll all still be neighbors. Last, I'm pretty sure it's time to set a few things straight. One is our council. I may be wrong, and I'm counting on someone out there in the ether to correct me, but by all appearances we have two people on our council who have committed a criminal offense. I think they are both misdemeanors but criminal offenses just the same. One councilman feels no need to abide by the city ordinances which probably cost his xneighbor a few grand when they sold an adjoining house and the other by her own words to a reporter began an un authorized investigation of a city employee. Ain't that somethin'.....What are you going to do about it?
Now, get away from the keyboard, get out there and enjoy your weekend! See you around the island!

"Face your past without regret..Handle your present with confidence..Prepare your future without fear"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One more day.....

New pics. Yes this is the latest endeavor of Your Artist, Eric. Let’s play what is it and where? I’ll provide daily progress pics as they become available.

A big shout out to a former neighbor who dropped in on the blog yesterday. Howdy Mike!! Good to hear from you! Please tell Georgie I said hi. How’s that grandbaby doing?

Let’s talk about something fun for a minute. That is after all why this blog was started. The Civic Club needs you. Your Civic Club. First, have you joined yet? If you have, good on you. If you haven’t I absolutely expect to see you at the big membership drive on July 4th, Andy Jackson in hand, buying stuff. What you really need to know about the Civic Club is that it functions on an all volunteer army. All the parties, events, parades and everything in between is done for and by you and your neighbors. There are only 4 positions on the club’s board and the way I understand it is the Presidents seat is about to be open. A huge thanks to Sam Fisher for volunteering for the VP spot. I’m not going to jerk your chain (too much of that going around now) and tell you it’s not a lot of work. It is work. It is the most fun you will ever hate. The club needs new faces and more importantly new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. Please, do yourself, your neighborhood a favor and support the Civic Club all the way. I promise you won’t regret it. Any questions? Come and see me.

The Island took a big loss today. Officer Tina Shelley has tendered her resignation and it has been accepted by Chief Cranston. She said she just couldn’t take it anymore. Tina, I miss you already and I know I’m not alone. You deserve better and wherever you go they will soon find out how lucky they are to have you. Chalk one up for the assholes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……
The way I understand it results from the Executive Session will be discussed at the next City Council meeting. To all you good folks out there keeping up with the goings on here on our little pile of mud please understand one very important thing. This ain’t over. Your vigilance is key. Sunset is nice and the weekend gatherings are a treat but City Council meetings are where you need to be on a regular basis. From time to time we’ll slip in to a nice comfortable glide. Sort of a maintenance mode and you can keep up by reading the minutes or popping in here but you really do need to keep one finger on the pulse of your city. I was chastised by a former Mayor for attending the meetings. My bad. I let life get in the way. I would have thought that my fairly regular attendance for the previous nine years and seats on every committee the city has except the EDC would have bought me a little slack but apparently I was wrong. I will try to do better. Everyone out there should try to do better. This is me stepping off my soap box.

Here you go Dave H….
WW IV. That’s Water Wars to the newbies. The time is nigh. Here is what I know to be true. We need to devise a method to identify participants and non. If you soak a noncombatant expect a visit from the local constabulary. Or EMT. See number 8.
1.    No physical contact with the opposition. Unless there is a special invitation (wink).
2.    No water balloons. I know they seem like a good idea but they are not and they leave a god awful mess.
3.    All official parks are hereby designated DMZs. That’s De-Militarized Zone for Todd. That’s right ALL PARKS are safe zones. You hear that Tipton?!
4.    It’s ON between Sun UP and Sun DOWN. Sunday, July 3th. At sunset retire your weapon.
5.    No water balloons. If you hit me with a balloon I will hit you with a rock.
6.    When this idea was hatched it was all about squirt guns. Not powered pumps that would make a fire fighter drool. While there is no “rule” about pumps and such keep that thought in mind when you are at Home Depot searching for inspiration.
7.    Do I even need to say water only? Clean water only? Nothing you wouldn’t put in your mouth? I hope not…..
8.    If you want to play, identify yourself and your target. Last year we used the three middle fingers pointing straight up to signal W for west side of Clear Lake Road or the same fingers pointed sideways ∑ letting folks know you represent the East side of the Island. If you blast someone who is not playing you are on your own. Know that some of your neighbors have very poorly developed senses of humor. Some of them may be packin’..
9.    Did I mention NO WATER BALLOONS ? I mean it too. No DANG balloons. Spread the word.
Here is a proposed new rules for 2011
NO @#$%#^% BALLOONS!!
Since the general idea is to squirt water at your friends and neighbors, well your neighbors anyway, leave the water source alone. Yes it is war and yes All’s Fair in it, but ….. Please tell the kids the rules. I personally had one of your little darling’s attempt to physically separate my hose from my house. No, he did not bother with the conventional screw on fittings.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day of the hump

Trying to remember the last time I heard thunder…music to my ears. I put my top up for the first time since February. Just in time too.
Local Boy Done good story here..

Well that was fun, I stood next to a chronicle reporter for most of the night. She kept telling me to wait for it, a bomb was going to drop any minute….I must have sneezed and missed it. There was nothing in the Chronicle this morning either. GDN has this though.
Good to know the former mayor has seen some information, no one else has……..

Remember that what goes on in Executive Session stays in Executive session so no news here.

What was your take on the meeting last night?

Hurricane Meeting Tonight in the Clubhouse! Starts at 6PM

From a neighbor on CLR    "
Tuesday morning I went down to get in my car and my glove box, console and golf cart glove boxes were ransacked. They took my iPod from my glove box. Nothing else stolen, not even my radar detector. Police think must be some kids looking for cash, etc. Pine, Oak, and other streets were hit as well. It happened Monday night late. I imagine it has to be kids that live there. I want parents who have teenage kids to look out for a silver iPod and Mike had it engraved for me. Can’t remember what it said though. Uncalled for and I am pissed. 20 yrs. on the Island and never had anything even touched.
Parents? Do you know where your lil' darlin's are? you damn well better..........
And here's another from the same time.... mom and Dad , Is junior sporting a new pair of Oakley's? If you don't keep up with your kids the county will. Sorry about the rip off Tom.......

A possum, AKA asphalt flounder, is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "first" day of summer?

Summer is finally Here!
But look at that chance of rain! When is the last time you heard the words rain and tomorrow in the same sentence? Keep your fingers crossed.

At LAST!! Our council speaks! But not to you by God. She’ll talk to a stranger, a reporter with the GDN has this from T Perkins. I want to say thank you but I’m not sure Why….

Tells you a lot about Young too. Running for Sheriff? I guess the insurance business didn’t pan out. Something else to remember when I enter the ballot box i guess. My opinion? Galveston County can do a lot better......

Everybody figure out who Candace Ford is? Good. I was made to promise I wouldn't answer Craigs question. It will be handled by someone more "sensitive" than me.


See ya'll there......
Seen in a bar in Angie Louisiana “ Cats are like tiny women in fur coats”

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Beverly Caldwell

And ME! Bev is only 50 though. Lookin’ good Bev!!

Everybody get to see the sign at the Club House? On the South East corner someone put up a sign that says “Support Your Council”. It has been added to a time or two. My question is Who had the onions to put that up? And Why? What incentive do I as a citizen have to support a city council that does not do what I elected it to do? Let’s do a flash back shall we…..

Councilman Sowrey “Civility and Transparency are catchwords that are often used but I cannot find another way to say how important these concepts are when working with others on the Council and encouraging town members to express their concerns on all matters before the Council.  Since registering to run, I have visited over 130 homes, spoken directly with our neighbors and listened as they expressed their concerns and ideas.  They all moved here because they love the friendliness and freedom that exists in our community.  If elected, I will be a conservative, independent thinker who studies the issues and follows the law.  I will protect the environment and uniqueness that we found so attractive when we first discovered the island. “

Councilman Perkins “No matter how it’s presented – there is no way the town center concept can materialize except when the houses on  Aspen and Tindel are gone because there is not enough land for all that otherwise. 
What will the homes be replaced with? Boardwalk style Shops and Restaurants.  Currently the Farmer’s market takes up one large strip of City land.  The remaining vacant land - The parking lot next to Opus, the old Oakie’s lot, and the South Shore Beer Garden lot are vacant for parking for the farmer’s market.  So, where will this town center be?  Eventually, it will have to expand into the residential part of Aspen and Tindel.    You simply can’t cram anything else up there without running someone out. 
It is commercialization taking over residential, and possibly a buyout of existing businesses that are currently there - eventually spreading over the bridge to the island perimeter. No, I do not support that. 
I would like to see the South Shore Beer Garden rebuilt on its lot.  What is wrong with that?  If they want to keep the Farmer’s market that’s fine but where will everybody park? 
I would like to see improvements to the entrance and a right turn lane. 
I would like to see a pedestrian bridge added to the entrance bridge.  That’s all and that’s enough.  
Below are a few ideas that could improve our community and lives...    
Explore costs of dredging the boat slips on the perimeter of the island.  This cannot be done on an individual basis (I have tried) and could be coordinated and maybe even partially paid for with tax revenue. 

Councilman Fuller “     As a conservative I try to pay off debt as soon as possible and try not to borrow. I don't believe
government should be in the real estate business and I'm at a loss to understand how changing the
character of the island is going to retain it. Those don't go together.” He didn’t offer any platform changes so that’s it……..

Arline is off this hook since she’s only been there for a few weeks. But think trees. I like that idea.

Quote of the month “ What happened to the agenda item we wanted on the next meeting” K McIntyre……I know, I don’t remember her name on the ballot either. Maybe I need to up my ginkgo biloba dosage.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers’ Day

Hallelujah it looks like we might get some rain. As long as that tropical mass doesn’t fall apart the middle of next week is looking good! Come on rain!!

Sounds like we had a visitor on our little island. Ex Officer Bill Young was driving around the island yesterday. Yep he even had time to stop for a quick chat with a few folks. The fired officer spotted a Save the Chief sign in one yard and noted to the current occupant that he had been brainwashed. Seems an odd thing to say don’t you think?  This is the same Bill Young who was selling insurance while on our payroll. Let me rephrase, while on the clock and out of our police car. The way I understand it he even managed a sale or two. Something oily about an insurance salesman that’s packing …….the funny part is when one neighbor asked why he would be cruising around the island that fired him, yes, the same one he sued, and settled, (from lack of sales?) his answer was ….wait for it…..”because I have the right to”… This is where I would insert a wink. What a great answer. Someone speculated he was counting signs. There are over a hundred Mr. Young.  With another hundred being delivered tomorrow. Maybe he was here to visit his new friend on council. He should have called first. Wait, that wouldn’t work because she is not answering her phone….
Speaking of City Council, This question is for you John and Jane Q Public… How do you feel about one of your elected officials, yes, your public servants, refusing, not vomiting out a well rehearsed song and dance routine like we see on TV, but refusing to answer a simple question? Makes me twitch. Mostly at the keyboard.

I’m sure Tillman Fertitta is a follower of this blog so I would like to give him and his crew over at the Kemah Boardwalk a big shout out for their Friday Fireworks. They changed a few up and my new favorite is the circle with the star inside of it. That is way past cool. Mr. F your business case for this expenditure aside, I would like to say thanks. I’m one of those old enough to remember fireworks when they were only on the Fourth of July. They were special. To many others and me they still are. I still ooooh and aaahhhhh but every now and again I hear others doing the same. Their beauty, grace and symbolism still hold our undivided attention. Thanks for a great 15 minute break in this crazy world. Sincerely.

To all you water bugs out there in the Official Yachting Capitol of Texas have you checked out the Salty John link over there on the right? It’s a boaters blog from across the pond. Don’t miss the good stuff.

Hey, if you haven’t had the opportunity please take a second to sign the online petition.  And yes it seems a spammer has posted a link on our petition. Don’t do them the favor of clicking the link. They will probably make a penny or a fraction of one for hijacking your browser.  There is a special place in hell for these aholes. We are working to get it removed. Thanks for dropping in now go enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Good morning Bernie.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The hits just keep on rollin'...

I guess this could be filed under “your tax dollars hard at work”. Word has it Bernie has requested a copy of all the Chiefs email transactions for the past few years as well as phone logs and city issued credit card transactions. I suppose under normal situations we could complain about the hindrance to the progress of the city but since we haven’t made any progress…. I guess it’s going to cost us our hard earned tax dollars to pay for all this nonsense. Right straight out of your hip pocket. If you were old and miserable enough to be exempt from most taxes I suppose you wouldn’t care if everyone else had to piss away their money. Or are they just trying to wear down a better man? Think about it, howmuch of this BS would you take before you called in your attorney and sued? If he does I vote we settle with offering him a house on W Shore and one on N Shore. We could throw in one on Tindel and maybe he would donate it to the Farmers Market?! Then there’s the new library…..Is this really what we elected? Really? Enjoy your day CLS!! Don’t forget to wave……

my 100th post!

And it's Friday!!
And HOT. We finally have a little chance of rain mid week. We’re only about a foot and a half behind on rainfall for this year. But on the bright side we’re saving a fortune on mosquito spraying? OK it’s a small fortune. Tiny. Heck I even turned off my mosquito magnet. Come on rain….
Did you know in most of the world Friday is dedicated to the goddess Venus? Look it up.

I just took a peek at the signatures on the petition. I was impressed that a half a dozen former City Council members have endorsed Paul. I probably missed the current councils signatures, Oh, wait, there’s one……Maybe it’s just me, I’ll recheck and get back to you. Almost as interesting are the signatures that are absent.

Heads up for all you facebook fans, Did you know there is a Clear Lake Shores site? It’s a closed site so you have to join but it’s run by an Islander. Check this out……

Y’all have a great weekend and I’ll see some of you at the Farmers Market!

It's so dry in Texas that the Baptists are starting to baptize by sprinkling, the Methodists are using wet-wipes, the Presbyterians are giving out rain-checks, and the Catholics are praying for the wine to turn back into water.
Now THAT's Dry