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Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Monday

First and foremost, We lost a neighbor yesterday morning. Chuck Finnerty passed away after prolonged illness. Long time Island resident, friend and neighbor. Please keep Jan and the rest of the family in your prayers. Good Bye Chuck. It was a pleasure knowing you.

Just watched Endeavour lift off for her final voyage. Built in 1991 she is the youngster of the fleet. When her final mission ends she will be transported to ……oh, yeah. L.A.  Correct, nowhere near the Manned Space Flight Center or Mission Control. I never realized just how much the steaming piles in DC dislike W or Texas in general. I should have had a hint when they were content to watch a quarter million acres, roughly the size of Rhode Island, burn up but send the Man to the border to solicit votes from future democrats. But I digress. I said this several times but I feel the urge to spew one more time. I really don’t have a BIG problem with Houston not getting a shuttle. Politics aside, The Cape and Houston should have been shoe ins with the Smithsonian in the running for one and the last up for grabs. Instead of three on the East coast and one on the Left coast. Seems the majority of the country has been overlooked again. I have no problem putting one in Chicago. It’s a big, beautiful city and it’s a damn sight easier to get to for a lot more people than New York city. It’s even the new home of Boeing, who absorbed the company that built the orbiters, Rockwell. Hell, it’s even the home to junior senator from Illinois. I hear you Houston, but we have been blessed on many occasions over the years and been able to watch a bird get flown over the center on its way back to the Cape. I guess it was almost two years ago when the last one flew by strapped to the top of a 747. Google the picture. It is nothing if not amazing. That said it would have been nice to share one with a huge chunk of the country that have never had an opportunity to see that magnificent flying machine. Oh well…..Remember that come election day Des Moines.
That leaves Atlantis in July. When Atlantis comes home she will really be home. She will stay at the Cape.

Election results…. Thank God it’s over. Congrats to Arline and Al. Al won reelection and Arline was elected to the vacant seat left by OB. Congrats on your win. Now do something for Christs’ sake! In case you haven’t noticed our city is STAGNATING!

Seems Blogspot lost a series of Posts last week, not just mine. They we not deleted by PC editors or removed by “the man” for inappropriate if not tasteless jokes they just disappeared. Imagine that. I did like the Taliban take on it though.
So here are the final bird pics for one last time.

I got this too late for a post. Sorry. But it’s for a returning warrior. If you are able to assist please do.
This Sunday there will be a Surprise Welcome Home for a Wounded Warrior.   
Hello, my name is Loretta Hamilton. I am the South East Texas Patriot Guard Rider HOTH (help on the Homefront) Coordinator. There will be an event this Sunday at 1:00 for Spc Andy Toppin who is from Dickinson and was injured in Iraq ‘09. He has come a long way but has a hard road ahead of him. The attachment explains what our plan is for Sunday. We will have a rolling tribute from Timber Street down 517 to Little Mexico on 45. There will be a flagline for people to meet Andy and say Thank You for his services. It would be great if people could join our flagline or just stand along 517 and wave as Andy goes by. Please see attached flyer for more information.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.
Thank you, Loretta
S E TX PGR HOTH Coordinator
(cell) 832-385-3070

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