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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Texas City Dike

Completed (originally) in 1914. Lots of great Prindle sailing there. To those who have been in the area long enough did you know that one our local boys was in on the attempted sailing speed record in 1985? They designed this boat that looked like it was doing 10 knots in the slip. The plan was to run it on the lee side of the dike but then that freak wind storm hit in May of 85. Some who weren’t paying attention paid the ultimate price but lots of boaters took a big hit all around. That slick looking boat built for speed didn’t do so well and Mike Zutek and his buds had to start from scratch.
For those who have been asking, Glen is cooking briskets Memorial Day Weekend.  He will be cooking that Friday night for you to pick up on Saturday between 9-noon.  Wal-Mart has briskets on sale, this week for $1.09/lb. If you are interested in having him smoke one for you, please let me know ASAP.  He only has room for ten more.  He will cook your brisket for $20.  Average uncooked weight should be between 9-12 lbs. Please drop off thawed brisket by 6:00P.M., that Friday night.
 Not an bird update but a side shot. One is preening...

File this under greenies gone wild. “The desire to be green has expanded to California's funeral industry, which is pushing for a change in state law to allow for an eco-friendlier alternative to cremation and burial: water resolution. Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, biocremation or resomation, the technology uses heated water, potassium hydroxide and turbulence to speed up the decomposition process and dissolve body tissue within three to four hours. The end results: pure white bones that can be pulverized into a substance similar to ash and a liquid that proponents say is a sterile, environmentally safe solution that can be safely washed down the drain or even used to water plants”. They said “Liquification” gods balls! Are you sh!ttin’ me?! When they’re done it’s down the drain. Down the damned drain! Oh Hell no. That’s just nasty………….
Guy goes into a bar, asks bartender for a "Bin Laden".
Barkeep says "what's that?"
Dude says "two shots and a splash of water!"
 Thanks to Bud.

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