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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Texas!

It used to be a day out of school. Remember San Jacinto Day you old farts? I guess it got traded in for something important like Spring Break……

Hey everybody it’s almost time for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Party.  We will have the party at the club house as usual on Saturday, April 23rd starting at 10 AM.  There will be games, crafts, music and of course the Easter Bunny will make an appearance to visit with all the kids and you will have a chance to get your kids picture with the Bunny himself. 
Every year many generous Islanders step up and help me out.  I will need you all again this year..  We will need donations of baked goods for the cakewalk, help decorating the club house, volunteers to run the food and game stations, hiding the eggs and help cleaning up after the party.  If any of you have ideas for a booth with games, face painting, an outdoor activity or whatever, I am open to new ideas.  Just give me a call and we will make room for you at the party.  Hopefully lots of kids will show up for the party so I will need lots of help.
If you or your kids would like to volunteer we will begin setting up at 9:00, if you are donating baked goods please also bring them at 9:00. Please give me a call as soon as you can and let me know how you would like to help.  I really enjoy hosting this party and I look forward to seeing all of the kids again this year.
Ryan Ward      281-804-4962

It’s a dog day. A couple of pooches are looking for a home.
This from Trish Murphy….Not an Islander, no shots, just the forward is all I got. Thought he was cute & could probably find a home easily J Looks like he was rescued from a home that got him as a gift & they are not dog people, was being kept outside. About 5 months old.

From Jenn Moon… If you are interested or know someone that is looking to have a new companion in their life, let me know and I will get you in contact
And a special Happy Birthday to my bud LarryWayne!

“Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together”

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58Willys said...

I missed the 18 Oct City Council meeting, but read the GalCo article about Chief Shelly being exonerated. A neighbor sent a public released "sanitized" copy of the investigation report. It appears to clear Chief Shelly.

I am curious if Tami Perkins has anything to say in her behalf. She besmirched 2 city employees. She created a hostile island environment over what was effectively a non-issue.

I was overseas in AFG when most of this unfolded and was NOT pleased to return and see this mess unfold.

Tami Perkins may have been correct in reviewing any issues brought to her as a council member, but her methods, her lack of tack, her grandstanding were and continue to be unprofessional. I do not see her actions as even adult like - much less professional or representative of the island's best interest.

Name calling is rarely appropriate, but the expression Tami Perkins is a political "Scallywag" does come to mind as an appropriate term in describing her behavior. She may be a wonderful person otherwise - but she is NOT City Council material.