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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From one of our neighbors

Hi Ladies,
 I don't want to cause alarm but I thought that I should share something that happened to me this past Saturday evening so we all can be a little more mindful of our safety.
 I was driving down E. Shore to my house on Saturday evening close to 7pm.    I had Dylan in the car, thankfully.   As I got to Forest I noticed a tall, heavy set black man standing on E. Shore talking on his cell.  He was wearing khakis and a white sweater of some kind.  I didn't think much of it since I have new neighbors a door down from where he was standing so I thought he was visiting them or something.   But, as I drove past him he yelled and waved at me while he was still on the phone.   I did think that was kind of strange.

I pulled in my garage and Dylan and I were coming from under the house to go up the stairs.  Dylan immediately starting growling and barking and ran in to the yard.  That's when I noticed this guy was coming through my yard.  He was still on his cell but ignored Dylan and asked me if I had a second.  I told him no and started up the stairs.   Then, he started saying "How about I come see you tomorrow?  Would you like me to come see you tomorrow?   Aren't you going to answer me?"   At that point I was very uncomfortable.  I took Dylan in the house and locked the door and called the police.     I was telling the dispatcher what had happened and she asked if I was in Clear Lake Shores.  Then she said that "unfortunately, we have a number of suspects on the island.  The police are out looking for them now."  Within 5 minutes Officer Way was at my door asking if I was okay. 

Then, he told me that the guy that I called in about was caught running over the CLS bridge just a few minutes after I made my call.   They stopped him and several other men that people were calling in about.   As it turns out, all of them are ex-cons and are from out of state.   Way mentioned NC and Mississippi.   One of the guys had a sexual assault record.    They work for a "magazine subscription company" and were out selling door to door.   Our police called their boss and told him to come and pick the guys up and get them off the island.  The boss said he had a license to solicit in League City and must've dropped them off at the wrong place.   

I was walking Sunday morning when Off. Way stopped and said that the guy that was at my house had been arrested along with another guy.  They resisted arrest so they called in a police helicopter and caught them.  

I was telling another lady on the island what happened and she said a guy came to her door a few months ago doing the same thing.  But, when she told him she wasn't interested he got very mad and started cursing her and calling her names.   She didn't call the police to tell them about it although she should have.

Like the Officer Way said, we have alot of women that walk and run at night and kids out there too.  We all have a sense of security living here on our little island .   But we all need to be locking our doors and being watchful.  

Our government passed a law a year or two ago that will give business owners a tax credit for hiring ex-cons.   There's been a lot of these "magazine subscription" businesses starting up so they can get the tax credits from the government.    Some of them are legit and some are not.    They tend to target "selling" in the smaller neighborhoods and this is the second time they've been to CLS.

I'm sure some of these guys really are trying to get a job and turn their lives around but its the ones that aren't that are causing the problem.  Regardless, nobody should be trying to sell anything at night!   

I don't intend to make this in to a huge deal but I thought it was worth sharing so that we can all be a little safer.   Please pass it along.

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