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Friday, January 6, 2017

Confusion, a little

It's National Cuddle day AND National Bean Day. I see a scheduling conflict.

OK, the official Juice Mistress has corrected me on the apples. They were not Golden Delicious the were Honey Crisps. A rose by any other name...Today is the official end of the annual "cleanse/detox". I just had my second to last shot of the green stuff.
The next comes at lunch. Then there will be a couple of petite sirloins dancing their way to the grill tonight, to be rinsed down with my first cocktail of the new year. Yay me. And yes I dropped about 12 lbs.

I'm still confused about the Russian thing. I get they "interfered" with our political process. But WTF if you think we haven't done the same I suggest you call your History teacher and demand a refund. Short version is they only provided the proof to what we already suspected. Isn't that called a whistle blower and aren't we supposed to praise them for shining the light on dirty deeds? Hell, it ain't like them and the Chinese haven't been hacking our shit for years. I spent a few years in IT Security in the NASA environment and I know what I'm talking about.
That said, I still rate our PE at 100 on the Trumpometer. I am dying to see what happens with ACA. My biggest beef with that? Aside from getting the fuckin' IRS involved is fining me for not being able to afford a MANDATORY program! WTF??! On what planet does that make sense? Only a career politician can make up stupid shit like that. Having lived and worked inside the beltway I say this. Mr. Trump, should you need help pulling that plug drop me line. I'll buy my own gas thank you very much.



Anonymous said...

Russians are ok? That's odd from a cold war vet. Were you ok with Snowden? You don't think there might be a reason that Putin prefers The Donald?

Anonymous said...

If Donald says it, it's good. If a Democrat says it, it's bad. That's final. I don't care if it goes against everything you've known and believed since birth.
I guarantee you that if Obama were the one saying that the Rusians are "ok" guys like our esteemed blogger would be screaming from the bell towers.

Anonymous said...

Yobama has known about hacking for years. Until it affected him and Hillary directly he could care less. He ignored China, he drew a cowardly line in the sand in Syria, he befriended Communist Cuba, not to mention he masterminded a horrific random for hostage deal with Iran. His foreign policy is even worse than what he had done here in our own country.

Not to mention that the DNC is not a real government entity anyway. Assange did all of us favor in exposing how both inept and corrupt they are.

Yobama and his whiney wife with the shaken core need to go move into their mansion (with a wall, ironically), and shut up.

And all you whiney Libs need to sit back and watch a smart businessman at work.

Anonymous said...

A smart business man? That my friend is a great one. The Kardashians are equally as qualified as this guy to run this country. They're millionaires right? Doesn't that make them smart business people. They're celebrities. What else is your guy? They have many business interests that generate revenue and jobs. I say you voted in the wrong representative. I would say that they are smart enough not to say something as ridiculous as "grab her by her pussy".

I was going to question your source for this "known about hacking for years" comment, but after I read that "business man" line - I realize that you don't need a source. You just make shit up and, if it fits your reality, you post it.

whiney libs huh? I guess name calling is way easier than reasonable debate right?

I'm with you though. Let's watch and see what happens.