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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Hump Day

And it’s not like anyone would forget but it’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. 75 years ago. Wow, I’m getting old. Watched a few WWII shows on the tube all week. That was my Dad,  and a couple of his brothers. One Uncle survived Normandy and another survived a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines. Makes my boat ride to Tonkin Gulf seem small. 

And on a happier note, President elect Trump has been named Time’s Man of the Year. I’m not sure what that’s worth though. I guess next he’ll get a call from Oslo. Right? 

If you missed the meeting last night you missed a lot. Here’s what I heard.
Some of our folks met with TXDOT on the 146 expansion. Their original plan was to bypass us all together but with a ton of bitchin’ from Kemah they are looking at other options.
Okies Corner is looking better
Star Art Gallery is going tango uniform and looking for options. She suggested a City sponsored art center, which she would run. Maybe even an art walk like they have in Galveston? I’m not seeing that at all. Just me?
Passed, passed and passed and the Jammin’ on Jarboe budget got a raise. They got a raise earlier this year (up 1K) and tonight they bumped it up another 1.5K.
Councilman Hoerner’s resignation due to working away from home was not only accepted but, as suggested, Diana Hoerner was asked to sit in for the duration of Bryan’s term. Welcome Councilwoman Hoerner.  
Councilman Burns noted that he will try to sit out his term but he may have to leave earlier as well. 
Next meeting is in January. 

Kudos to Texas A&M for showing the world how it’s done right. They hosted a card carrying dumbass, the majority protested. There were no beat downs, shootings or fires. No crying, moaning and whining. No pleas for a safe room, or mommy or an analyst. Maybe there is hope. Gig ‘Em Aggies. 

Sofia Vergara being sued by her own embryos
I think this is a clear case of too many lawyers.


A & M said...

Councilman Hoerner has been replaced by Councilwoman Hoerner.....That sets up a hilarious sitcom for the Sunday before Memorial Day....Is this going to be a puppet show where Bryan is pulling the strings?

Scott said...

Something tells me Ms. Hoerner can function very well on her own. I am just glad this city has both of them.