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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Tartan Day

April 6 is National Tartan Day. This is an official national holiday.
National Tartan Day honors all the Scottish heritage that flows through this nation. From its earliest beginnings, Americans with Scottish ancestry endeavored for that freedom as much as any American.  It was in their blood.
It might be surprising to know that of the 13 governors in the newly established United States, 9 where Scots. There are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Some scholars suggest nearly a third of those signers were of Scottish descent.
Not only can we point to the country’s founding fathers, but of the 43 Presidents who have taken office, 33 have been of Scottish descent.
Those with Tartan blood were and are independent and resourceful. They are prolific inventors and writers. They are talented musicians and artist, skilled leaders and scholars. In the United States today, over 11 million Americans claim Scottish or Scotch-Irish roots. That makes them the 8th largest ethnic group in the United States.
Went to the Council meeting last night. It was the first in a long time for me. I promise to myself to go every chance I get. IOt was mostly informative and slightly entertaining. New Councilman Solmonsson was there too. Listened to the "new" City atty blather on about why the lease with the Oakies Courtyard wasn't in place. Did not nod off. The City is looking good financially. Always good news. Maybe we could talk them into picking up the trash service bill again? Just a thought. They are moving forward with long term plans to prepare to annex properties in our ETJ and the Kemah/CLE ETJ hooha appears to finally be dead. Like I said years ago, the only good to come out of this will go straight in to the atty's pockets. And so it has come to pass. Road bids are in and done so it looks like that miserable piece of Birch will finally get taken care of. Can I get an AMEN! Oh and we're hiring a full time building inspector/Code enforcement officer. Lots of conversation around this one. Should have been there. 

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