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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stand by for the Irony

It's National Mom and Pop Business Day. The same day our local Dairy Queen owner is selling his business. Mr. and Mrs Dar have been here for longer than I can remember. Wyatt and I have been stopping there since he was in a car seat. For those who don't know the whole story here it is in a nut shell. Some asshole from no where near here was driving back to where ever the hell he lives and stopped in at out local DQ. So far so good. Sometime ago Mr. D decided to put up a sign at his place of business that clearly stated he didn't think much of a particular religion. Still good. Well the asshole in question apparently got her feeling hurt and contacted a local news outlet to express her outrage. Well, as you can imagine it made the news cycle and two weeks later it's still there. I imagine DQ caved to the miserable little whiney shits, applied a little pressure and the Dar's are selling. I hope it's on his terms. I don't know about y'all but I don't go to DQ for political input. I go there for the soft serve. 50+ years and counting now. I remember my first cone costing a whole dime.
Short version, if you don't like his sign GO SOMEPLACE ELSE! There is another DQ less than a mile down the hwy for Christs sake!
Not sure why so many cry baby assholes out there want to make shit harder than it has to be. Any Ideas? I'm going to Dairy Queen and I wish a pox on all the Whineybutts.

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Ashwin Kalia said...

What is funny is that he had his sign up for years and nobody said anything. Pretty humorous.