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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What a beautiful day

Not. I'm enjoying my first cold of the year and what great day for it eh? 48 and rain. Oh well...
Finally something on the Agenda to stir up the neighbors. What better than a fence to bring people together. Here's tonights lineup. See you there.

Civic Club Meeting Thursday!!!
Hot off the wire from neighbor Steve, Thanks Steve!
A number of really cool sightings of the International Space Station and the Russian "Progress" Logistics Module chasing it:

International Space Station

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 6:42 p.m. (Duration: 5 minutes)

Path: 10 degrees above S to 16 degrees above E

Maximum elevation: 26 degrees

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 7:32 p.m. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Path: 26 degrees above W to 31 degrees above NNW

Maximum elevation: 34 degrees

Thursday, Feb. 6, 6:43 p.m. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Path: 36 degrees above WSW to 11 degrees above NE

Maximum elevation: 11 degrees

Progress 52P

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 7:10 p.m. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Path: 27 degrees above WSW to 29 degrees above NNE

Maximum elevation: 61 degrees

Friday, Feb. 7, 6:53 p.m. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Path: 25 degrees above WNW to 11 degrees above NNE

Maximum elevation: 27 degrees

Here's another Win-Win from Councilman Carlo.

Benefiting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Please join Joanna & I for cocktails and appetizers at the Clear Lake Shores Club House.
Saturday, February 8th
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cost $15 per person

On January 19th Carlo ran the Houston Half Marathon on behalf of the LLS Team in Training Program. The LLS helps raise money for research to bring an end to blood related cancers. In addition the Gulf Coast Chapter in the Houston area assists patients with blood cancers and their families with cancer related cost, counseling, and general support.

Please help Carlo in his continued effort to raise money for this very worthy cause.
Your donation gets you access to the event, food, drinks, music, door prizes, and knowledge that you are helping others win the fight against blood related cancers.

Can’t make the party, that’s OK, you can donate directly to the cause by cutting and pasting the link below to your browser. No amount is too big or too small.

Carlo & Joanna


Anonymous said...

Ordinances are enforced randomly at best here in CLS. Now they want to create another ordinance they may or may not enforce depending on what day it is or who you are. I like it here but in the few years I have been here it is obvious rules are a joke in this community

james mago said...

A lot of what you say is valid. But without ordinances in place, an aggrieved homeowner has no ground to stand upon should he/she want to file a complaint.

This fence ordinance should keep CLS from looking like S. Shore Harbor, and will give the Building Administrator better definition in reviewing permit applications.

Anonymous said...

James Mago for City Council!

Anonymous said...

Am I reading the fence ordinance correctly? Only 4'6" fences 20' back from the street(s)?

Is this for new fences only or does it include existing fences?

Will J Horton really be fined 2K for their home's front fence? I will believe it when I see it.

james mago said...

Speaking only from experience, not knowledge of this specific ordinance:

1) Fences are typically built on property lines. 20 feet is the front setback from the property line for building on a lot. A fence on or inside the setback is allowed, but limited in height by the fence ord. I am sure that's why 20 feet shows up in the ordinance. The same rationale holds for side and rear setbacks, in that fences are allowed in the setback, but limited in height by the fence ord. Limitations.

2) new ordinances are NOT retroactive. Fences that were legal under the rules at the time of construction remain legal going forward, until rebuilt, moved, etc. If the fence was not legal when built, that is another issue.

3) this ordinance would have nothing to do with Horton's fence. That residence is not in a residential zone, it is NC, which is how the Sandbar can exist. That fence has been there a long time, likely before the fence limitations were developed, so it would be grandfathered under the rules at the time of construction.

Anonymous said...

No ghost writer to report on CC? Darn.