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Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday

And farewell to a blustery May. Well ready or not tomorrow is Hurricane season. The weather folks are saying that because there is no El Nino this year we will have a busier than usual season. Huh? I thought a couple of years ago they blamed everything on El Nino. One more on a long list of reasons why I’m not a weather man.
It’s in the same category as the new self driving car. “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said states should require drivers of prototype self-driving cars to get extra training and special licenses to show they can safely operate the vehicles on public roads.” It’s a SELF DRIVING CAR! Makes my head hurt.

I’m looking forward to Jammin’ tomorrow night. A new band is almost always fun. That last one was awesome so these boys have a tough act to follow. 

It has come to my attention that in Tuesday’s post I misspoke. I made the statement “there was an apparent (not to me) conflict with borrowing the Farmer's Market set up.” Come to find out there was no conflict with the Farmer’s Market. For that I stand corrected. Sometimes it’s a lot easier just to avoid the drama. ‘nuff said. 

Movie night will show Office Space. Fun starts at 8:30 June 15th.

Anyone spot Lori Dunn’s little girl’s bike?

Did you know squirrels eat tomatoes?


Bryan said...

Appreciate you owning up to your mistake.

You are a good man in my book, Allan Batchelor.

Adelia said...

To clear up a couple of things. I don't believe Allan was wrong just not well informed. Farmers market did complain about having us use the sound system and while Allan may or may not have been told that they denied us the use - no one ever made it clear to him that this was not the case. Sorry you were put in a bad position and you handled it with class as usual.

Adelia said...

Also to quell any rumors - Dave has several opportunities he is considering in Florida. He will be moving to his Houston house toward the end of this month to prep it to rent and then moving to Florida. I own the house on Juniper and will be staying here. This is my home and I love this community. All is well and there is no drama to report. Have a great day and enjoy the band tonight!!