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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

20 Days to go till the election. I hope you’re ready.

The Movie Night that wasn’t. It wasn’t for lack of effort. Mother Nature coaxed us out of Jarboe Park Saturday night and into the Club House. As much fun as it could have been sitting outside it was a tad chilly and I don’t recall anyone complaining about moving indoors. Indoors provided it’s own challenges. With all the technical gadgets available we just couldn’t find the right combination. Dave is bringing in the big gun, Our very own Sid Clinton, to figure out a solution and offer us some options. Go Sid! Too bad, I was really looking forward to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Waaay to many great lines from that movie! When we get it rescheduled we’ll send out an email and I’ll post something here.

Good to see the Sandbar making some progress. Anyone talk to Roxanne or Joe on a grand reopening date?

You hear that the City is planting a couple of those huge dumpsters around the Island just for us? It will be just like last year, one at Jarboe and one at Shell Bottom. They should show up on the 17th.

To answer Suzanne’s question about the pending  Fuller trial, I’m afraid I just lost track of that debacle. What are the odds he’ll get yet another extension? Slim I hope. That whole thing needs to be settled one way or the other.

Neighbor Tom needs some help. “Lost my gray sweat shirt with NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory logo on it. Lost Friday night on Juniper or Narcissus. Please contact me if you found it.
Tom Johnson 281-794-5591”


Roselyn said...

I just left courthouse and it was settled in the lobby Jackie cleaned up his lot on Aspen yesterday, which is what we wanted, and will be signing a document stating he will keep it clean. He celebrated in the lobby with Catherine, the Garsts and Charles Russelll after it was over.

suzanne hubbard said...

Thanks for the update Roselyn. Does that mean there was no fine at all? Seriously? He signed a document saying he will keep his lot clean. At least it is finally cleaned up. I guess that is progress. Something tells me there will be another chapter in this book.

I hope the other lot accumulating trash / building materials will be next. I think it is on Ivy.

It amazes me what it takes to enforce ordinances.

Along those lines, the Hortons are pitching a fit - wasting so much time, of so many people. Why can't they have to run their drainage line on their own property like the rest of us? They knew their line was on the Sandbar's property since the Sandbar was demolished if not before. How many years do they need to correct the problem?Come on Vern, Jack and George shut her up already. I don't know about the rest of you but we need our "Cheers" back.

Charles Russell said...

Roslyn I was there because I was interested in the outcome of the case. Why were you there?

Roselyn said...

Charles, I was there for the same reason you were but I wasn't sitting next to jean and in front of Larry and Catherine. Thank you for asking

Adelia said...

I was at Hogie Ranch today for lunch and they were saying that this Bond referendum they are trying to pass for the Galveston Schools would raise our taxes 11Cents per $100 value of our house. They want to impove the schools but also want to give the kids Pad computers instead of books. Can you imagine how quickly pad computers would get torn up/lost/stolen. Has anyone heard anything on that? I pay more taxes here than I did in Houston.

Charles Russell said...

Roselyn this is the second time I have had to address this issue with you and I don't intend to do it the third time. Personally I was of the opinion Jackie Fuller should have cleaned up the lot when first approached by the city. With that said I have known Jackie for thirty years and no one above all you is going to dictate to me who I can talk to or sit close to and if you had not run off in the opposite direction I was planning on asking your opinion of the outcome of the case.

Craig said...

On the surface it appears our city attorney sold out in the lobby and agreed to let Jackie slide on this issue. I doubt and hope very much that is not case. There must be more to this story we are not hearing. Since many of the citizens in this community invested a lot of time and a lot of our tax dollars have been invested I trust that city Council the mayor or our city attorney will explain in detail why Jackie appears to have won This battle. To me it seems like a precedent has been set That our Zoning ordinances are basically unenforceable And it is clear the NS crowd is happy about it. The same is true about the very unbalanced application and enforcement of our building codes. Many of the NS crowd have sat on Council and as members of committees and boards in our city yet they support a former councilman who thumbed his nose at the city for many years refusing to follow our ordinances and Caused us to spend more money on legal fees in the process. I was speaking to a fellow citizen and friend today about the outcome of this situation. This person seemed to be okay with the decision because he does not want to see our island turn into a homeowners association type neighborhood. Anyone who knows me at all would know that I agree 100% that a homeowner's type situation would be horrible. But I did ask my friend where do you draw the line who do you let break the rules and who do you enforce the rules upon. Of course my friend had no answer Which is understandable because you can't use selective enforcement When it comes to our ordinances And again the same holds true with our building codes. I think it has been clear for quite some time that we have serious problems enforcing anything this community. I am not smart enough to know what the answer is to this problem and would love to see a reasonable debate regarding this on the blog And learn what the citizens in general are thinking And what folks would like to see our council do about the situation. Remember it is time to vote and we have two people that appear to be affiliates of NS running for council and one Individual that appears to be supported and mentored by NS that is running for mayor. I would bet nearly anything they are celebrating the outcome of this decision as is Kathy Jean and the others. I for one am extremely disappointed in this decision and hope Council gives us an explanation soon so we can understand what is going on. Like I said I certainly don't have all the answers so I hope folks from both sides of the coin will chime in and see what we can come up with To resolve our inability to enforce ordinances and building codes

james mago said...

You are right about the bond issue, the CCISD is on a tear to spend money they will extract from the taxpayers.

How about that iPad deal? Actually I believe they are downsizing to Dell tablets. My guess that the "fail to return rate" on these will be in the 50% range. There is no accountability built into this program for parents and kids. It is just another theory that since teachers can't teach well in today's classroom, that the kids will learn using the electronic programs. And who will manage the content and software?

I have been on a CCISD email mailing list since this and the other bond projects were conceived, presented, discussed in hearings, etc. I am not at all impressed, and will vote NO, event though as an old guy my tax rate will not go up.

Seems to me that a lot of the education process today is designed to build the resumes of the administrators, school board politicos, principals, etc. This bloated process is typically at the expense of the teachers on the floor of the classroom-because there is only so much money to work with.

I hope that this bond issue fails; and that the administrators are forced to work more carefully and restrain their expectations.

Jim Mago

They want to rebuild (not renovate) several schools.

Adelia said...

Thanks so much for sharing Jim. I believe a lot of people are not aware of this - I will try to spread the word as much as possible.

Adelia said...

From CCISD - why they need .11 for each $100 from each of you this year - For standard 21st century technology tools for teachers such as a ceiling mounted projector, interactive whiteboard, and document camera in every classroom. For internet and wireless infrastructure upgrades for interactive, global and relevant 21st century classrooms in every school in our district. For student and teacher tablet computers to enrich classroom lessons, expand learning 24/7, and offer electronic textbooks. The reality is our students and teachers – district wide – have to “turn off” in our schools; this should not be the case. Our students and our teachers should be able to use the latest and best technology for every competitive advantage for college and the global workplace.

Adelia said...

Go to the link to learn more. A lot of this stuff probably does need to be done like keeping up buildings and getting rid of temporary buildings. Not sure about new stadiums, 4 gym facilities to reduce scheduling conflicts, computers for all teachers and kids but no software plan. The state pays for our books now right? Just trying to bring it to attention. Vote the way you want but be aware of what is going on and cast your vote.

Craig said...


I could go on and on about some of these issues as I have been very involved for many years with the school system but one thing you mentioned was that you weren't sure about stadiums. Ccisd does need a new stadium. We only have one and all of the schools have to share it. This causes sports events to be scheduled during the week to get it all in. While not the most important issue I'm sure, it does short change the kids and disrupts their weekday nights that many need to study. My kids were both percussionists and it made it hard on them to not get home from a game until 11:00 after a game on a week night. If you are a high school football fan like I and hundreds of others are, Wednesday night lights just isn't the same as Friday night lights. The kids can't even go out after the game and celebrate because they have to go to school the next day. Again not the biggest problem never the less a problem.