Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

National Radio Day

In the late 19th century, it became clear that wireless communication was possible.
There were several inventors that had a part in the invention of the radio in the late 1800′s and not just one person can be credited with it’s beginning. To make the radio a reality, it required a number of different inventions and discoveries including both transmission and reception methods as well as technology. It was in the 1920′s when the first broadcast stations began airing programs.  These first programs were those of news and world events.

It was confirmed at the meeting. The Islander is going green. Plans are underway to decide how the e version will get to your inbox. Something to chew on, if you’re not a member the Civic Club doesn’t have your email address. That means no Islander for you.

The first meeting of the Landscape Beautification Advisory Committee, know forever more on this site as LBAC will have their first meeting at Curtis and Janets at Forest & Pine. Yeah, That yard. See you at the pool. 8/27 @ 7:00

Council voted down funding the Yachtygras committee. After discussing the $900 the city invested last year I think the no vote came from the fact that they were not going to have their award and kickoff meetings at any of our local business’. That to me is a valid deal breaker. To you punkin’ heads out their screaming what a fiasco it was last year you are talking out your ass. A few neighbors were turned away from Deep Hole Park. That was very unfortunate but it was quickly addressed and handled. And for the Love of God stop using the word elitist when describing the judges. They are just regular folks who volunteered their time. They got here on golf carts like the rest of us. Some of your neighbors busted their collective asses to throw you a great evening out. If you didn’t get off your dead ass and show up then it’s on you. Still no fiasco. When it was all said and done we raised a few dollars for the Scouts. Is that a catastrophe in your world? Quit whinning It ain’t manly.

Got this on your calendar yet? It is shaping up to be one heckofa party.

And before I forget, they are looking for a couple of the small plastic paddle pools so if you are done with yours please consider giving it to the event. They have something cool planned for te pooches I'm sure.

The Harvest Moon Regatta takes off October 9th. Some of your neighbors are racing so don’t forget to wish them luck. Hear me Walter?

The Blue Angels are making a showing at this years Wings Over Houston. It’s on the calendar for November 1-2

Here’s a link to The Bay Area News and some great shots of some of our girls volleyball team at Falls kicking some booty.

Monday, August 18, 2014

This one is a stretch....

It’s National Mail Order Catalog Day! Although I do have fond memories of flipping through the Sears Catalog a time or two.

This goes out to all my builder readers. All you good folks that make something out of nothing. You’ve seen and worked with all manner of things that most of us are oblivious to so I’m looking for your expertise. This weekend Wyatt and I were fixing a wooden box for a neighbor. We started by removing the bad wood which involved taking out some screws. After some basic cordless drill instructions Wyatt began to back out these square drive screws. A few spins and there is was outward movement so, OK, this one is stripped out in the old wood we’ll beat it out. After pounding out, with great difficulty I might add, the first three fasteners we begin to rethink our approach. Wyatt had inadvertently changed direction on the drill for screw number 4. He gave it a bump as if to drive the screw in and as I started to remind him one more time that it’s counterclockwise to unscrew we noticed the damn thing was coming out. Now look at the screw again. The top section of the thread is opposite to the direction of the bottom part of the thread. What the hell? So we have to go clockwise for the first one inch then switch direction to back the screw out in a normal fashion. That was a first for me. How about you? Anyone out there ever seen a little gem like this before? The next question is if you screw it in “normally” but then have to reverse the direction to finish the drilling process does that not strip out the bottom portion of the thread that is deep in the project? This is confusing. And what about the patterned area separating the different threads? And to top it all off, it was pointed out to me that todays kids don’t do Clockwise and counter clockwise. Their watches are digital. They see the numbers. What is this world coming to? Crap!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's National Rum Day

 Made for Clear Lake Shores or what?

 It's also.....


National Airborne Day is celebrated each year on August 16.   This is a day designated by the United States Congress to honor the nation’s airborne forces of the Armed forces.  National Airborne Day was created in 2001 by 43rd United States President, George W. Bush.
August 16, 1940 marks the date of the first official Army parachute jump, validating the innovative concept of inserting United State ground combat forces behind a battle line by parachute. 
National Airborne Day was recognized by the Senate with Senate Resolution 235 on August 3, 2009.
For more information on National Airborne Day, see:


Friday, August 15, 2014

Where did the time go...

It's already National Relaxation day.

Anyone on Narcissus lose a kitten? This from neighbor Pam H.
We’ve found a gray kitten (photo attached) that apparently has been wondering the island for a couple of days.  He’s about 3 months old (smaller than he appears to be in the photo), well cared for, and very friendly.  If you know where he belongs, please let me know.
She said the girl does not go with the cat. I asked.

Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm in

Today is another win win. It's National Lazy Day. I personally signed up for this one. And it's National S'mores Day. Not that I'm going to be lazy enough to not make S'Mores.....

Spent yesterday in beautiful Allen Texas at a Tae Kwon Do tournament. Our boys did great and brought back plenty of bling for their school. More black belts than a baptist funeral. And while we didn't get his autograph we did get to watch Kung Fu Panda in action. Awesomeness on a stick.

How was Jammin?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Friday

Jammin' On Jarboe is tomorrow night followed by a party with Senor Beans at Aspens

Great couple of meetings this week. Last night was the Civic Club and if you were not there you missed Jan Finnerty's most awesome Blueberry pie. I honest to God licked the pan. Well when you get this months Islander you may (or not) want to save it. It is slated to be the last hard copy. The end of an era. Combined with the cost of our printer and lack of volunteers to edit the decision was made to go Green and digital. The Club is still looking for online editors or the Islander may become a thing of the past. You've heard me say it for years folks, without you things do not happen. 
Glenn Dowell put the finishing touches on the Time Capsule marker and I helped him place it last night. Job well done my brother. It is an awesome marker. Only 40 more years til we get to open it. Someone save me a seat.

If you haven't heard the Bay Area Animal Shelter will hold a blow out fund raiser called Barktober Fest at the Paul Shelley pavilion in October. It is shaping up to be thbiggest thing we ever had on the Island. You won't want to miss this one. Before I forget, They are looking for a DJ to work the music so if you know of anyone drop me a line or get hold of Susan Adams.

Cith Council had a bigger crowd than usual. Always a sign of good times tocome. You probably guessed it by the comment section but there are some neighbors arguing with the CIty over a permit. This one is all over the board and even comes with charges of Official Retaliation. Something tells me this is going to be a long process. Local builder Blu was sitting quietly in the back. A lot of folks wondered why. Who knows. It got interesting when Lindy called out Joe for letting all his fishing buddies park all over Blue Point. Anywhere except his driveway. This one included pooping on the street and just as I thought it couldn't get any better Joe threw out the race card. BAM! All we need now is Quanel the 10th and some dancing bears and it'll be a real circus. Oooh maybe an alien. No not an illegal, I'm talking ET. Babs would be proud.

OH, It's National Zucchini Day!! Woot

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

National Underwear Day?

Yup. It’s also National Night out for the rest of the country. Ours is in October when it’s 20 degrees cooler.

It’s official! Rock on Brownsville!
Today the state of Texas and SpaceX announced that, contingent upon final approval of local agreements and receipt of additional required permits, the rocket company will build a spaceport in South Texas.

Monday, August 4, 2014

More reasons to celebrate!

It's not only National Coast Guard Day it's Chocolate Chip Day!

Did you see the Space Station go by last night? No? Don't cry here's another chance tonight!

Time: Mon Aug 04 8:56 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 50 degrees, Appears: WSW, Disappears: NNE

From Neighbor Sid (now you can get rid of that old monitor)
ON AUG 9th  this Sat.  Compucycle will hold a remote pickup for electronics recycle
at ELLINGTON FIELD on Brandtly Street. 10 am until 2pm
I am taking a truck load

And last but not least don't forget the Civic Club meeting is Thursday. 

We hope you will attend the City Council meeting on TUESDAY night August 5th  to show your support for the club.
Join us for the the August 7 Pot Luck if you can.   It starts at 7:00.   Here's what to bring:
A - K    Desserts
L - R    Entree
S - Z    Veggie and Salad
The meeting will start at 7:30, and usually lasts an hour.  There will be presentations made to the  scholarship recipient, and to the Police Department with the proceeds of the 4th of July Pie Baking Contest.  We also plan to put the time capsule marker in  place.
Jan Finnerty Secretary

Friday, August 1, 2014


I missed yesterday. it was National Chili Dog day. Dang. Well today is National Respect for Parents day and Minority Donor Awareness day. So get out there and show some respect for your parents by donating a minority.

Jammin' on Jarboe update
" Jammin has been moved to next Saturday, due to issues with the band that had been booked. The Dennis Davis Band will be playing Jammin next Saturday evening, and I believe the after party will be at Aspens where I believe Ben Reyna will be playing. Also let the folks know that in September I have the level One Band back again for a repeat performance this season. "
Dennis Roberson
 Spot the Space Station:
 Time: Fri Aug 01 9:46 PM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 85 degrees, Appears: SW, Disappears: NE

Happy Friday Y'all and have a great weekend.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finally !

It's Hot Fudge Sundae Day ! :o)
Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores.....

Here's an update from neighbor Bud. Pass this along.

 My housekeeper (maid) for over 5 years has an opening because her client is moving out of state.  She is honest, reasonable, and comes to work on time.  She comes to my house every two weeks,  She cleans one other house on the Island and has an opening on Fridays am.  Call me if you want information at 409 789 7310

A young Army officer was severely wounded in the head by a grenade, but the only visible, permanent injury was that both of his ears were amputated.  Since his remaining hearing was sufficient, he remained in the Army. 
Many years later he eventually rose to the rank of Major General. He was, however, very sensitive about his appearance. One day the General was interviewing three servicemen who were candidates for his headquarters staff.  The first was a Captain, a tactical helicopter pilot, and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the General asked him, "Do you notice anything different about me?' 
The young officer answered, 'Why, yes, Sir, I couldn't help but notice that you have no ears.'  The general was displeased with his lack of tact and threw him out. 
The second interview was with a Navy Lieutenant, and he was even better.  The General then asked him the same question,  "Do you notice anything different about me?'  He replied sheepishly, 'Well, sir, you have no ears.' The General threw him out also. 
The third interview was with a old Sergeant Major, an Infantryman and staff-trained NCO. He was smart, articulate, fit, looked sharp, and seemed to know more than the two officers combined.  The General liked this guy, and went ahead with the same question, 'Do you notice anything different about me?'  To his surprise the Sergeant Major said, "Yes, sir, you wear contact lenses.' 
The General was very impressed and thought, "'What an incredibly observant NCO, and he didn't mention my ears.'  He asked, 'Sergeant Major, how do you know I wear contacts?'  "Well, sir,' the soldier replied, "'It's pretty hard to wear glasses with no f---ing ears​