Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's National Croissant Day!

First things first. Councilman Amanda Fenwick has corrected My misstatement and she is indeed running for City Council. May the Force be with you Amanda.

Think about those miserably cold winter days, all dreary and nasty. And what a treat a nice bowl of chili is on those days, an absolute ray of sunshine in a bowl. Well that's not today. It's mostly sunny and will reach the low 70s. This is why we live in Texas. And we will have one hell of a time at the 34th annual Chili Cook-off on Narcissus. I say on Narcissus instead of Craig and Raynels' place because it hasn't been contained to their place for decades. It is literally on Narcissus. All are welcome so come on down. At this stage of the game it's more like a family reunion anyway. Hope to see you there.

She's gonna be pissed but what he hell, Thats' what big brothers are for right? Happy 60th Birthday to my little sister!

So out of the 25 most dangerous cities in the world Baltimore and St. Louis get ranked with Cali, Rio and most of Guatemala. Anyone else see a pattern here?
I guess thats why the Rams want to go someplace safe like LA?

Was out most of last week with a bug of some sort so progress on the camper stopped. I will try to finish the ceiling today. We went with a 1/16 inch Santa Fe birch paneling for the big radius on the rear wall. I just couldn't beat the thicker stuff into shape. I think the 1/16 will work fine. This will be one more major milestone to tick off.  Anybody got old style trailer marker lights for sale?

Enjoy your weekend folks It's gonna be a beauty. I gotta go stir my chili.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hard to believe

It's National Squirrel Appreciation day already. How time flies. Then again if tree rats aren't your thing you can default to National Hugging Day.

A big thanks to Mike McNamara and Big Al Burns for stepping in and co-chairing the annual Mancakes Breakfast this Valentines day. Give a thanks when you see them because without their effort this event wouldn't happen. Thanks Men. And if any of you guys out there want in on the fun you need to contact someone real soon because there is only room for so many and the spots for this event fill up fast. Could be the bloody marys'.

For all you that feel the need to serve, yeah, yeah, I know,
you only have until the 16th(?) of Feb. to file. So far there is only one interested party. I hear Amanda isn't running so we may not even have an election. I guess that's good and bad at the same time.

Who out there besides me is grateful every day that we live in such an ecclectic neighborhood? Doggie doors with antlers, Dragons guarding stairs, Alligators in the bushes and on and on. Some folks just don't get it. Some will get it in time. I was thinking about the mess at our house when we raised it the year after Ike. Mother of god what a wreck. And we were living in it at the time. I think it took about a year for us to get a yard back. Reminds me of the young couple on CLR. Both with relatively new jobs and two kids to tend to while they raise their house. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they are pulling this off one paycheck at a time. Since I think they are both working two jobs it might take 'em a while. Some folks see an eyesore, I see progress.

It's 74 outside and a little rain is stating to fall. Any odds on whether I fixed my leak or not? I give it 50-50. I'll go sit inside when the tail end of that front gets here. It's south of the city so I have about an hour to get ready.

And from Mental Floss' Amazing Fact Generator, Amazing Fact #814The state The State fish of Hawaii is the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. The Hawaiian name roughly translates to "the fish with a pig-like nose." It's English name is the Reef Triggerfish.
glish name is the Reef Triggerfish.

Monday, January 18, 2016

It's MLK Day here in the U.S.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 87.  It's almost time for some more Civil Disobedience.

No joy in Mudville. We were installing the galley hardware in the trailer when the rain started Saturday and after two consecutive rains with zero leaks we were treated to a brand new one. And it is a doozy. Chore one for today is to silicone the living shit out of the hole. Once I find it. Chore two is to get D-Con for the varmints that are trying to move in under the house. 

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Upper 50's and an almost cloudless sky. A great day to go to Galveston. So we did. On a 2004 Grand Banks 46(?). Great day, Great folks and a Great boat. I've done worse.

A shout out to Paul and Tina who drop in on this site occasionally. Stop by some time! And I'll make sure y'all get an invite to the  next crawfish boil, that'll be coming up shortly.



WHEN:           JANUARY 30, 2016

DETAILS:                        PARTY STARTS AT 12:00 PM











Tuesday, January 12, 2016

National Pharmacist Day

This one's for you neighbor Steve!

The weather looks like it's going to cooperate a little more and not rain on me till Saturday. That'll work. Making progress on the camper. Starting to move furniture in and nailing it down. It's finally starting to look like a camper. this is looking aft.
 And this is looking forward
 At least I have a clear path forward. Wish I could say the same about the world around me. I going for my CHL in the morning.

Someone who lives here got an XBOX One for Christmas. We hooked it up to the HD TV and I must admit the graphics are pretty awesome. After a while I asked what was involved in getting the old man set up with my own account and avatar. I wish I never asked. I let Wyatt drive for the first 25 minutes to set up a stupid avatar. Yes 25 minutes. I just wouldn't save. Even when it said it did. After a while (and he left) MJ and I set out to find a kinder gentler path to this XBOX. After waaaaaay too much time and effort she threw in the towel. I cursed it for wasting my time 15 minutes earlier. THere is nothing on this planet that is worthy of that much effort. I will simply add this latest excursion to the ever growing list of why I really, no really, do not like MS and the majority of it's equally fucked up product line.
Neighbor Buzz is in a tough spot folks, Kay Lynn is in the hospital and he's by himself. Stop in if you get a chance or even better, Madam President sent this out. COme on, It's painless.

Our Ex-Mayor and long-time resident needs our help, his wife is hospitalized and he has pretty severe Altzheimer's. He is alone in the house at 319 East Shore Drive. Please sign up at to deliver a meal to him. If you have time to visit and make sure he is okay that would be great. He has some wonderful stories to share and loves company.

Login Info:  Recipient Last Name: Larrabee Password: ForBuzz

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And a Happy New Year to all

well, almost all. Let's face it there are some assholes out there.

It's National Bird Day!

It's not on my bucket list but nowI can say I have been through a bonafide blizzard.  As we scooted across the llano estacado winter storm Goliath caught up to us in the storied little central Texas town of Post. It was founded by CW Post of cereal fame.And catch us it did. We left Austin that morning with a major winter storm well to our south. Our weather was very good until early afternoon. That's when shit started going downhill like a pig on literal ice skates.  We made the call to hunker down when before our very eyes US Hwy 380 started to disappear. We got to the Post Best Western in the nick of time. The line started forming behind us and it didn't take long for the No Vacancy sigh to pop up on the door. We were able to get out to a local place called Georges on that first night. Good eats by all measures.

We listened as they all discussed shutting down early so folks could get home. We woke to a blinding white frozen mess. Short version is after the tow truck pulled us out of the snow bank we called the Best Western to see if we could "uncheckout".

The answer was yep., didn't even know you were gone. WE broke the air dam off the Pacifica getting in to the parking lot of the hotel. After finding out that Post and all connecting paved surfaces were officially closed we sought sustenance. Not surprisingly the few that were open were not capable of delivery. Our miserable attempt at getting out of the parking lot to seek warm food was just that. Gas station tamales, M&Ms (peanut and mint) and a bottle of vodka would have to do. And it did.

Third day found the bulk of Goliath somewhere in the midwest. At least those folks are equipped to handle such nonsense. I wished them well and sought a way to paved surfaces pointing west. After chipping 3" thick ice from around our trusty Chrysler we finally made it out of Hotel California. Shear brute force of momentum propelled us to Hwy 84. We had no confirmation the roads were open but since room 109 had shrunk to about 4 x 6 we decided to chance it. The main street in Post was a screaming bloody and icy mess but once we made it to the county line 380 looked great. All reports still showed the New Mexico stretch in to Roswell and Ruidoso closed but that didn't stop us. It scared the crap out of us as we approached Roswell and a new snowstorm. Once thru Roswell the snow let up a tad but the roads were in great shape and  a couple of hours later we were in the cabin with the rest of the gang. It's official, I'm done with snow.

After having the last week "off" I'm back on the trailer. progress floor plan has been OK'd by the boss so I started moving furniture in and nailing it down. Pictures to follow.

Mancakes is coming up and unfortunately I'll be out of town. Anyone interested in stepping up?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Festivus!

I like the concept. Seinfeld came along when watching TV was not high on my list of things to do. That makes me one of the few with a pulse that have never watched more that a short clip of tht popular TVShow. My loss I guess. Anyway here's apparently one of the many things I missed.

Festivus is held on December 23 each year. In a 1997 episode of the popular television comedy, Seinfeld, Festivus was brought to the masses when Frank Costanza (played by Jerry Stiller) explains he invented Festivus in response to the commercialism of Christmas.  Its slogan is “A Festivus for the rest of us.”
Festivus traditions derived from the television episode and the original creator have been combined over the years.
  • The Festivus pole is an unadorned aluminum pole displayed in the home. In the O’Keefe household, there was no Festivus pole, but instead a clock was placed in a bag and nailed to the wall.
  • Festivus dinner is served during the evening.
  • The Airing of Grievances occurs during Festivus dinner. Each person takes turns describing how the others have disappointed him or her in the past year.
  • Feats of Strength follows dinner and involves wrestling the head of the household. The holiday is not complete unless the head of the household is pinned. Failure to pin the head of house hold could result in perpetual Festivus.
  • A Festivus Miracle is a frequent if unimpressive miracle. Carrying in all the groceries into the house for Festivus Dinner without tripping or dropping one of the bags could be considered a Festivus Miracle.
Festivus Song by Danny Lutz
Festivus Song by Brett Houston
Use #Festivus to post on social media.
Festivus was created by Reader’s Digest editor and author Daniel O’Keefe in response to family tension.  One of its central practices is the “airing of grievances”. It was first celebrated in February of 1966, but later was celebrated as it is now, on December 23 in honor of O’Keefe’s first date with his future wife.  The Seinfeld episode was written by O’Keefe’s son.
Two Major milestones on the bug yesterday. First and foremost the SOB is dry! Hallelueja!! I think of it as a boat with wheels, that means the water has to stay on the outside or it's just not worth a damn. Then I got the new floor in. It's a laminate called Alameda Hickory. 
Looking forward
 Looking aft
OK, enough of this, We are off to see the new Star Wars movie. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holy Cow!

Your pick







Tis the season I suppose. Well it's official, The US Coast Guard has officially cancelled the 54th annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade. Seems we/they are expecting some serious weather later today. This is the first time I know of that it's been cancelled and I defintly remember some pretty crappy weather in the past. Id you're not from the bay area here is more of what I'm talking about. It's quite a sight.

Out new porta potty is here. It sure is small. No I mean REALLY small. I'm kinda excited about the bad  weather coming in this afternoon. Looks like my new j ail will get a real test.  If it passes it's on to the new floor install. Fingers crossed.

Or not. Have a great weekend.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to UNICEF

"The United Nations Children’s Fund  is a United Nations Program headquartered in New York City that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It is one of the members of the United Nations Development Group and its Executive Committee.
UNICEF was created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. Ludwik Rajchman, a Polish bacteriologist, is regarded as the founder of UNICEF and was its first chairman from 1946 to 1950.  In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent part of the United Nations System and its name was shortened from the original United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund but it has continued to be known by the popular acronym based on this previous title.
For more information, go to
If you haven’t heard Neighbor Arline is healing nicely after her misstep and broken arm. She has relatives looking after her. Get well soon Arline. Mayor Vern is back in the Hospital with more fluid on his lungs. It does not sound like good news to me and Kimmy says he’s down to 160 lbs. Damn.

Well the long anticipated j-rail arrived. Huge shout out to SO-CAL Teardrops for not only having exactly what I needed, but for shipping it out ASAP. The fact that they shipped it in a beast of a shipping container didn’t stop UPS from bending it anyhow. Not to worry, It all worked out. Now I’m waiting for the rain test. Hopefully we’ll know this weekend. After that its time to lay the floor. The trailer wiring is in and done and waiting for the lights to arrive. That will be one item I get to remove from the to do list. The 110v is mostly in but I can’t finish it with the furniture out. So. 

Annie had her bottom worked on and is coming home today. Time to go for a boat ride. Welcome home Annie. Ain't she cute?

If you were fast enough you caught the anon troll who posted here a few days back. If you have been here before you know who it was. All that truly matters is that not one shit was given. Marry Christmas.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Who doesn't like

National Cookie Day! This is me going after an Oreo. BRB
So yesterday was plumbing day. The kitchen sink, had a leaky faucet. I thought I would get lucky and it would be a few o rings and done. Not so. One new faucet set later and I was moving on.
Ever do a kitchen sink? Remember these? Remember how much fun it was to get all the way up in the back recess of the sink with the water lines, garbage disposal, and drain line ? then to get a tool up in there to tighten them up was an adventure too, right? Who made this shit up?

Well, after enough wishing my fingers were a foot longer than God gave me I came up with this little brain fart. It's a piece of 1 1/2 inch PVC with notches supplied by Mr. Sawzall. My gift to all plumberwannabes around the world and up your street. Yep. Up yours. Tip o' the hat to Dick Martin.

And if your new faucet has a 4th hole for the hand sprayer two little screws on the other end like this will allow you to tighten up that little jewel.

This is the most retardest thing I've heard a politician say all week. Courtesy of CAIR, and yes Virginia they are political. CAIR says it's acceptable to kill people if you don't like their governments foreign policy? Hell I don't like our Government's foreign policy(or lack of) Where do I start?
"In a Friday CNN interview, Hussam Ayloush, of the group's(CAIR) Los Angeles chapter, said American foreign policy has helped fuel the rage that drives Muslim radicals to kill in the name of their faith."
What a bunch of morons. This my friends and neighbors is what we have allowed to infest our country. Sadly, until we reset to "normal" and purge the idiotic political correctness crap there's no way out. Mr. Trump, lead the way. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's National Mutt Day again

You ever wonder where this crap comes from? is where.
Got some of the 110v wired up in the bug and most of the 12v trailer wire. Waiting for the lights to get here and then I cab check that off my to do list. The ever illusive j rail has shipped from Upland California. That was a lot more work than I ever dreamed of just to find the right stuff. There's a lot of jrail out there mind you but for the "canned ham" style trailers its different. It has to be bendable to go around the radii. By hand. Anyhow kudos to Dean at Dues Camper in Dickenson. After 6 weeks of trying to get the j rail he suggested So-Cal Teardrops. They have the right stuff and after working with Becky P it is on it's way. Woot!
I think last nights City Council meeting was the shortest in years. Mayor Pro Tem Burns kept things moving but there just wasn't much. Mayor Johnson was admitted back in to the hospital. He's having issues with fluid buildup in his lungs. Keep him in your prayers. There was a scheduled visitor last night. Mr. Dunlap from Tindel was there. He brought up a potentially sticky subject. Exempting the home owners on Tindel from the City's building and zoning codes. He pointed out that unlike the Island There are no rectangular lots on Tindel. He had a graphic provided by Galveston County but it wasn't very good. His basic premise was that in the case of a disaster, and we all know there will be another, a homeowner should be allowed to rebuild on his property at least the very same footprint that existed prior to the disaster. He pointed out there is no way any house there could meet the setback requirements just to start with. Unlike on the Island Tindel residents property lines go to the middle of the paved street. How the heel you gonna make that setback? But is that fair to all the folks on the Island who were denied variances on their non rectangular property? Hell no. Making exceptions is a very slippery slope indeed. But then there are many exceptions made already to the folks on Tindel. Do we even need to bring up the whole Fuller fiasco? It's not like THAT was ever resolved. Everyone just stopped talking about it. There's still a pile of shit on Aspen and there are still liveaboards on the waterfront. Meanwhile back at the ranch...
I'm going to play plumber today. The wife's idea not mine.

"Some magicians can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land"

Monday, November 23, 2015

National Cashew Day!

Well it looks like summer is officially over. Man I hate cold weather. I look forward to the thermometer dropping out of the 90's like most others but the 40 degree crap is just wrong. Thank God we're in Texas and it will be back in the 70s tomorrow.
My good friend Jim put together a "retirement" party for me Saturday. It was awesome. I want to thank all of you who showed up and some of you who didn't. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
Well it seems I've hit a road block in trying to get parts for the old trailer. It's been over a month since I first ordered the drip rail/jrail which I need to make the bug waterproof. I'm not blaming Dues Camper but I'm not getting the warm fuzzy feeling I need. Time will tell. I finished the forward dining area / bunk and momma has approved the shape and size. Now I'll pull everything out and wait for the rail. After I can get it water tight we'll look at flooring, then ceiling.
Sounds like a great time to go put the center console back in the boat.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Seriously ?

National button day? Someone got bored.
OK, my second Monday in the unemployment line. I think I'm getting the hang of it I just have to downshift one more time. The ATA tournament in Sulpher Springs was a lot bigger than we thought. It was help at the SS middle school. They have two gyms which was a good thing because they were both packed. Wyatt usually signs up for 6 events and does well in all. This time his instructor signed him up for 2 other events at the last minute. He was on the edge of freaking out but maintained. Short version is he brought home two more First Place medals. Don't know if you can see them all but that is 6 First Place medals and 2 Second Place'. Not too shabby. I'm about to pop just typing this.

I'm not going blather on about the Religion of Peace and what those pigs pulled off in France. I'll just mention that the few times I've been to France are still some of my best memories. I hope they respond accordingly.
 Moving right along. I have the bathroom framed in and we have agreed on the shape and size of the dining table and seats. Now if my drip rail will just get here I can finish drying the bug in. Once I can prove to myself it will stay dry we can start making real progress. We were all out at the pier last night discussing the pros and cons of having a water heater on board. Just when we had settled on a plan Jim finds an on demand water heater that is just made for small spaces and it's too cheap to pass up. Looks like I need to change my plumbing plans.

Rumor mill has it there is a movement here on the Island to establish a Home Owners Association. Maybe not in those exact words but it sounds like some of our neighbors don't like the looks of some of the other houses on the Island and want to change them. That smells like a HOA to me. Fights On, See you at City Council.

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's National Indian Pudding Day

Feather, not dot.
And It's Friday the 13th. My first Friday in the unemployment line. I am getting used to the change in my day. It's odd not having to be somewhere or see someone. The verdict still isn't in on whether or not I'll like but ... Going to a Taekwondo tournament this weekend in Sulphur Springs so I'll miss the annual Thanksgiving Feast put on by our Civic Club. This will be the first one I've missed in 14 years. If you haven't been you have no idea what you're missing. The old Club House smells just like Grandmas' kitchen. Here's me drooling on my keyboard. Go. It will be the best $10 bucks you spend all year.

Well the rear windows are in and they do not leak. Yeah. Got a few boards laid out for a side bunk/sofa and the first cabinet. Next will be to frame the bathroom. That is if momma likes the size and shapes we have now.  

I thought of a few other neighbors who is also served this great country. Mr. Frank joined the Army in 1946 and neighbor Bud makes 4. Anyone else?
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day y'all

Who else besides the Mayor is a Vet? Drop me a line, lets get a list together.

Was going to post a pic on my rear windows I got back in the bug but for some reason my new iPhone won't let me email myself today.